2 ||Yoonmin|| & Tae Groshery store chaos (confessing)

Jimin helped Taehyung up from the floor. "Are you okay Tae?" Jimin asked. "Y-yeah I'm fine Jimin don't worry." Tae stuttered in pain. "No your not, I'm taking you home." Jimin demanded. They both walked out of the store and sit on the bench that JImin immediately spotted. "Let's sit here for a little so you can catch your breath." Jimin said resting Taehyung's back on the bench. "Jimin I'm okay we don't have to sit here we can just go home it isn't that far anyways". Tae said grouchily. "Okay are you sure you can walk there?" asked Jimin. "Yes I'm sure" Taehyung said standing up from the bench limping to the sidewalk. Jimin stood up and held on to him. They continue walking home.


40 minutes passed

They arrive at Taehyung's house. Jimin unlocks the door and they walk into the house all tired and sweaty.

JM: Do you need to lay down? asked Jimin. TH: Y-yeah... Over there... Said Tae.

Taehyung points to the living room Jimin walks Taehyung to the couch and gently lays his body on a few pillows. Jimin sits next to him and lifts his forehead to see a red bruise that was under Taehyung's bloody nostril.

JM: Oh my god your bleeding! Yelled Jimin continuing to move Taehyung's head around and around. TH: Im okay Jimin It's just blood, you don't have to be so dramatic. Said Taehyung moving Jimin's hand away from his face. JM: Where's the ice?! Jimin jumps up and runs to the kitchen.

He pulls out a ice pack out of the freezer and wrapps it in a soft blue towel cloth. Jimin runs back to the couch and sits next to tae with a sad expression.

JM: Here It will feel better I promise! Says Jimin setting the cold ice in Taehyung's hand. TH: Jimin is this really necessary? He complains to Jimin as he sets the ice pack back into Jimin's small hand. JM: Yes it is necessary Tae! It's not good to leave wounds open they'll get really infected. Says Jimin.

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TH: Fineeee... Taehyung tries to grab the ice pack. Jimin pulls it back. JM: Don't you want me to do it, I'm more gentle? Askes Jimin TH: Okay. Says Tae impatiently.

Jimin slowly lies the ice under Taes nose. Taehyung flinches a little. TH: Owww JM: Try not to move so much Tae or it will hurt more. Says Jimin brushing the cold ice on his red nose. JM: You okay hyung? asks Jimin removing the bag away from Taehyung's face. Jimin smiles and cuddles Tae as he massages his fingers through the elders soft hair making his scalp scene multiple tingles.

JM: Better? asks Jimin Taehyung slowly nods his head smiling his boxy smile. TH: I fell so much better when I'm with you. Says Taehyung looking up at Jimin. JM: Hehe, yeah right. Jimin laughs switching his hand position. TH: Jimin? JM: Yes? TH: I love you

Jimin slowly takes his hand off of Taes head and scoots back a little. Taehyung sits up and crawls over to Jimin with concerned look. Jimins heart raced and he felt his blood boil in his skin. TH: What's wrong did I say something? JM: Tae you know what you said! Jimin shouts at him standing up off of the couch.

JM: You know exactly what you said! Stop saying that you love me when all you really want to do is get into my pants! You want me to fall for you and its not working okay, just stop! I still love Yoongi...

Jimin drops his head and starts crying.

TH: What? Taehyung asks standing up off of the couch. He walks up to Jimin and jagged his chin so he could looks into Jimin's eyes. TH: What?! JM: Tae please stop don't do this... TH: You still love that idiot?! JM: He's not an idiot! TH: THEN WHAT THE F*CK IS HE? A COWARD? UNFORTUNATE? A UNGRATEFUL SON OF A-

Jimin slaps Taehyung in the face. He falls on the floor and glares at Jimin, his tearing up. JM: Taeeee Im sorryyyy! Jimin cries walking towards him. TH: Get away from me! JM: Taehyung! I didn't mean to baby! TH: Dont call me baby. You didn't want me to prove that I love you! JM: Tae you didnt have to prove it. JM: I already knew... Taehyung stand up and grabs Jimin by the waist. Without warning he smashed his lips into Jimins. Tae picks Jimin up bridal style and carry's him upstairs to the room. He lays Jimin down on the bed and begins to kiss him all over his neck. Jimin lets out soft soothing moans as Tae licks his skin.

JM: Mmhhh...hyung

Tae moves further down the makneas body until he reaches his pierced belly bottom. Jimin arched his back felling every wet bristle of the elders tongue.

JM: Wait, wait, wait, wait...Tae that doesn't f-feel right... Teahyung ignores Jimin and starts unbuckling his jeans. Jimin closes his eyes tightly. TH: What? JM: N-nothing Im just- TH: So used to doing this with Yoongi hyung? asked Tae smirking Jimin blushed and the whole time he was silent. TH: Let me love you this time Jimin....I'll be gentle.

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