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"See you in the next episode of...Wanderlust List, Season 2!!!" Five persons said and the director yelled cut.

"Thank you everyone." John Wesley said to the five persons. "Welcome, director." One of them said.

"This is a behind camera! Would you like to introduce yourself for the new fans of our show?" The camera man, Kelly Santiago asked them.

"Sure! Hi everyone, I'm Spencer Harold Fernandez." Spencer introduced. "Hi, Zachary Knight Laxamana!" Zach said.

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"Henry Louise Niervan." Henry said next. "Kian Giovanni Battista." Kian introduced. "Jun Mikaella Mariano, PHILIPPINES!" Jun introduced in a Miss Universe pageant way which makes the cast laugh.

"Here's a question from a fan. Who Korean stars do you refer yourself?" Kelly asked them. "Kian looks like Kwon Ohjung-ssi a bit. Henry looks like Im Wonhee-ssi a lot. Spencer is mixed of Lee Dongwook-ssi and Song Jihyo-ssi. Zach looks like Kim Jongmin-ssi with a bit of Park Myungsoo-ssi's attitude." Jun explained.

"How about you, Jun?" Kelly asked her. "Some of my friends telling me I'm the girl version of Gong Yoo-ssi or the girl version of Yoo Jaesuk-ssi. It depends on how they view me." Jun explained.

"That's all for...Wanderlust Behind the Camera. I'm Kelly, back to you director." Kelly said with an impersonation of Kim Atienza.

"Guys, you recieved an invitation to be their guests!" The director, John Wesley announced. "What is it?" Kian asked him.

"You five were invited on JTBC's Knowing Bros."

"Isn't that the show Kang Hodong is the host?" Zach asked Jun. "Yeah." Jun only said.

"Yee! I'm excited!" Spencer said.

"Are you ready to do it?" John asked them. "Ready as we'll be." The cast said and they cheered 'fighting' in Korean..