Yooh Nirgz story

Author: Daoist5ZL9dS
Magical Realism
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What is Yooh Nirgz story

Read ‘Yooh Nirgz story’ Online for Free, written by the author Daoist5ZL9dS, This book is a Magical Realism Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: The story of yooh Nirgz who became a great billionaire in just One day through is powerful job given by an American lead...


The story of yooh Nirgz who became a great billionaire in just One day through is powerful job given by an American leader of youths to conduct Kenyans celebrities in a way that they would have there business success.

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Jaonang_ · Fantasy
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Miura Kenzi, an 18 years old boy, with a pair of eyes that shines brilliantly like the moon, liked video games so much that he neglected his life in the real world. He is a freshman of a famous university. Thus, Miura becomes the least known college student because of his addiction. Yuki Kagami, a talented and charming 17 years old girl, is the most popular girl in her college. She is in love with Mashimo Kagawa, and is currently in a romantic relationship with him. During her relationship with him, she learned a thing or two about video games. In a virtual world, titled, The Last Wolf, there has been a system breaching during its peak hours. A mysterious hacker disrupts the system and removes the players’, who are wearing a device called ‘net’, the ability to log out of the game. They have no choice but to beat the game and be the ruler or to be logged in forever. If the players died five times, they would also be dead in real life. It also applies to Miura Kenzi and Yuki Kagami, who are also trapped in the game. They attempted to form the greatest guild in The Last Wolf and made it their mission to beat the game as fast as they could so that everyone can log out safely and return to their real life. Will they be able to beat the game? Or will they reside eternally in the virtual world that they liked so much? But, there is a catch. One of them is the hacker that has infiltrated into the game. He disguised himself to make sure that the system could not find who is the culprit behind this.

PrincesAuntum · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
101 Chs


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