80 Daring

"Keah!" Right then, a horrifying voice boomed into everyone's ears.

This very voice spewed out a hair-raising tone that directly instilled fear into the youths' bones.

Everyone's eyes snapped towards where that terrifying voice came from.

And promptly, immense horror and terror filled their faces. What the youths saw was a being so grotesque that they felt their eyes rotten by just looking.

If Darcel and Aniela were to see this creature, they would instantly recognize this creature. It was another variant of the red human-like creature!

Only this creature was even more distinct than the other two.

This terrifying human-like creature was painted in a chilling sickly green color. Its eyes spewed an ominous green glow that illuminated the Darkness sky.

The creature was also far shorter than the other two and had a more round waist appearing fatter as well.

"Wh-wha the hell…."

It was all anyone could say once seeing this short, terrifying grotesque creature.

And right then, the creature had suddenly oozed out a spine-chilling green misty aura!

The horrifying misty aura had quickly spread out towards both the Quicksilver Roc youths and the Zakira Academy youths.

Everyone didn't think the suppression could get worse, but they were sorely proven wrong.


Everyone attempted to roar out in tremendous pain as the chilling green misty aura drilled into their bodies. Yet their voices all got caught in their throats.

Every youth felt their Spirit Qi entirely freeze, their bloodstreams stopped flowing altogether, and their joints went as still as a statue.

Under this terrifying green mist, none of the youths could even scream out in pain anymore! Tremendous anguish still courses throughout their bodies, and the dreading feeling of utter helplessness crashed their minds.

The Ravenous Void Clan Elder cruelly smiled, seeing this fantastic yet terrifying result. His spatial ring had suddenly flashed, and the Elder fished out a small bright glowing blue vial.

Various powers and life swirled in the vial, just waiting to get released all at once. And the Ravenous Void Clan Elder was planning on doing just that until he abruptly stopped and his eyebrows tightly knitted together.


Just a little bit before Jamas group encountered the Quicksilver Roc sect youths.

Darcel, Aniela, Lyse, and Gerey managed to make it about ten meters away from their impromptu meeting.

Although none of them decided to recklessly rush in as the two sides were meeting up. Darcel instead convinced Gerey and Lyse to put up a concealing talisman and silently obverse this exchange.

His reasoning for doing so mainly involves the fact they all still don't clearly know what the Quicksilver Roc sect and the Ravenous Void Clan members are up to.

The most tactical option was to patiently watch on.

Darcel's group had then watched as the Quicksilver Roc youths and James's group went at it with words.

It wasn't until a bright green shine refracted in their visions that Darcel and Aniela decided to act.

Gerey and Lyse were at first stunned by the sudden descending of a mighty Innate Core cultivator. Their eyes snapped to the Ravenous Void Clan Elder, their expressions slowly morphing into fear.

However, for Darcel and Aniela, they only saw this as a prime opportunity!

They both had their own separate concealing talisman provided by the Ravenous Void Clan men, Gerey and Lyse, allowing for the two to have free range in movement.

Darcel and Aniela's eyes glazed in wild, killing intent while staring at the Elder.

They didn't bother waiting on Gerey and Lyse and had rushed to the tree the Elder stood upon.

And because of their concealing talisman, Darcel and Aniela weren't stopped by the green flaming barrier, nor were they affected by the Elder's unfathomable aura.

The duo smoothly got near the tree and, without stopping, began swiftly running up the tree! Because of their Nascent Core bodies, achieving feats like wall running is but a breeze for Darcel and Aniela.

And from several meters behind, Gerey and Lyse awoke from their slight stupor.

The subtle shifting of wind that quickly brushed past them told the two Darcel and Aniela already got a head start.

Not wanting to get left behind, Gerey and Lyse did follow in the duo's footsteps though they were lagging behind.

But when going inside the green flaming barrier, they too weren't affected at all by the Ravenous Void Clan Elder's mighty aura.

Still, Darcel and Aniela didn't wait at all for them.

They ran unhindered up the tree, quickly reaching halfway in only a couple of seconds. Suddenly then, Darcel snapped his head towards the tree just right by their right side.

When coming here, Darcel and Aniela's souls continually writhed about, providing the duo with familiar sensations.

However, compared to last time, Darcel and Aniela could somewhat tell why their souls suddenly writhe again.

And once Darcel turned his attention towards the tree that seemingly had no one on top of it, he savagely smiled.

Without another word to Aniela, Darcel jumped towards the tree, quickly latching his feet on to it and continuing his upward rush.

All the while, Aniela never looked back to Darcel for even a moment. Her faith in Darcel was unbreakable, and she just knew that he would pick up on their souls writhing and take care of it.


The green human-like creature's terrifying voice boomed into Darcel, Aniela, Gerey, and Lyse's ears.

And yet, despite the horrid chills the voice powerfully exuded, only Gerey and Lyse was affected.

They had temporarily frozen mid-run as freezing chills shiver down their spines. Slowly, their eyes traced to the source of the voice and became utterly dumbfounded by the grotesque green creature appearance.

Darcel and Aniela, however, already underwent this process too many times to count.

Aniela didn't slow her dash at all and only slightly picked up the pace. She had quickly reached the top of the tree in only two more seconds.

Right when the Ravenous Void Clan Elder fished out that eerie blue, glowing vial, Aniela was right under the man. She already had her deadly purple scalpel in her hand and aimed her sights at the Elder neck.

With zero hesitation in her movements, Aniela struck out with her scalpel and sailed straight at the Elder's bare exposed neck.

And on his base bodily instinct, this is what caused the Ravenous Void Clan Elder to go entirely still for a second.

The sense of a tremendous death crisis abruptly swirled in the Elder's mind. He felt as if death scythe was roaring straight at him despite not feeling or sensing any aura around him!

Hurriedly, the Elder began turning around his body, but it was all to no avail.


Blood crazily spewed in the air dying the bright green sky in a sickening bloody mix. Aniela plunged her scalpel deeply into the Elder's shoulder, causing the Elder eyes to bulge right out of his eyes socket.

The scalpel had immediately glow a bright silverish purple, drawing all eyes to the Elder. All the youths on the ground watching the Elder felt their brains lagged.

Just where the hell that small weapon came from?!

"Ah-Ah-a-" The Elder attempted to scream out in pain, but immediately then deadly toxins ravaged his whole body!

Streams of horrid purple liquids drilled throughout his body, quickly destroying his organs, bones and frying his bloodstreams.

Putrid foam spewed out of the Elder mouth as if he was a rapid Spirit Monster. Instantly bright purple lines appeared and ran all over the Elder body.

Uncontrollably, the Elder body began twitching and spasming.

Inside his soul, a horrid purple toxin ran amok there, burning his soul to the very roots. The Elder was going through this kind of torturous pain instantly destroyed any state of mind of the once-proud Elder.

And before the Elder fell off the tree, Aniela quickly reached back out and took her purple scalpel back.

As the scalpel promptly returned to normal, Aniela reached out with her hand and lightly pushed the Elder off the tree.

Under normal circumstances, even if Aniela was at full power, she wouldn't be able to move the Elder an inch from his position.

And yet now, the Elder was akin to a doll with its strings cut off, crashing straight towards the ground.


The loud, shocking thumb of the Elder body crashing against the ground blasted everyone's eardrums.

Both the Quicksilver Roc youths and the Zakira Academy youths snapped their eyes to the fallen Elder and were greeted by a gruesome sight.

Still, the Elder body was violently twitching and spasming as if he was under an intense seizure. His face was etched in putrid purple lines that now morphed into a state of decay and rancidness.

The Elder expression was of confusion and tremendous pain. As the light slowly left his eyes and excruciating pain filled his seven senses, the Elder would never know just who or what caused his torturous death.

Out of everyone's silent, shocked state, the most stunned was the horrid human-like creature.

It was quite literally standing right near the Elder, and yet it didn't sense any aura come up behind him!

However, the horrid creature had no time to contemplate what just transpired. As the air began to intensely burn right near it, the creature's eyes widened as it felt its soul begin to contort.

A considerable suppression crushed on the creature's body while its soul was suddenly suppressed seemingly out of the blue!

This creature was stronger than the last one, being equivalent to a sixth layer link True Soul Core warrior. Still, it had immense trouble just trying to turn its body.


Before the creature could even fully turn, a tremendous abrupt surge of power frantically erupted right behind it!

The moderate suppression on its soul now immensely intensifies, causing its soul to violently quake in utter fear.

For a split second, this immense fear and suppression caused the creature to go into an absolute daze. Its glowing green eyes became unfocused, and all of its defenses dropped.



The creature unleashed blood-curdling shrieks as its putrid arm was cleanly chopped off by a black flaming scimitar!

Rancid green blood crazily spewed in the air as Darcel suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

Because Darcel used too much power, his concealing talisman dropped. But he didn't care in the slightest and still quickly reacted.

Ignoring the shrieks of agonizing pain, Darcel swiftly caught the severed arm before it went flying in the wind and flashed it into his spatial ring.

Simultaneously, Darcel had thrust his black flaming scimitar towards the vile creature's face at lightning speeds!

The creature's mind was in utter chaos as its soul violently trembled with each move Darcel made.

At this point, it wouldn't even be able to accurately dodge Darcel's thrust, much less put a good defense at the abrupt ambush attack.

However, right when Darcel's was mere inches from the vile creature's face, a bright silver radiance enriched its whole body!

Simultaneously, when the silver radiance enraptured the creature's body. The same bright glowing silver radiance lit up Darcel's arm and scimitar!

Darcel felt his soul suddenly erupt with a monstrous burst of power!


In a bright silver flash, Darcel plunged his scimitar straight through the vile green creature's head! Rancid green blood sprayed into the tree and dribbled towards the ground, sizzling deep holes in it.

The creature didn't even receive the chance to shriek in death as its brain was promptly destroyed by Darcel's scimitar, quickly killing it.

Darcel smirked while pulling his scimitar from the green creature's head, letting its body fall off the tree and crash into the ground.

If it wasn't for his soul suddenly erupting when that silver radiance covering the creature, Darcel would've never attained the speed to catch that creature mid escape.

"Hmph! So that another kill for us from these disgusting little variants of creatures!"

Aniela's sweet voice echoed throughout the woods as she rejoined Darcel on his tree and already dropped her concealing talisman.

"Sheesh….I don't know how you two did it. But you actually somehow completely reversed this whole irreversible situation!" Lyse said with awe lacing her tone as she and Gerey also grouped up with the duo on the same tree.

Truly Lyse meant every word she spoke. If it was just her and Gerey, they would've been utterly helpless to do anything to save Jamas and his group.

Yet now, the seemingly impossible was achieved by Darcel and Aniela!

"It's-it's really is those two!"

"Thi-this is like some weird fever dream…."

All of the Quicksilver Roc youths and Zakira Academy youths collapse on the floor as the significant suppression left them.

Pain still wracked their bodies, but since the Ravenous Void Clan Elder and the horrid creature was dead, the suppression at least allowed them to writhe in pain.

Although the poisonous green mist inside their bodies still stayed, creating most of the remaining pain for them.

"What is he….?" Out of everyone's reaction, Jamas was the most subdued.

While collapsing to the floor, his eyes managed to peer over to Gerey, and an uncomfortable feeling settled inside him.

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