1 Prolog

I didn't even know when and how I died. I remembered I was in a bus, going home from my part time job. So, when I woke up in a strange place, I just suspect that I fainted. Who would believe? Even I didn't.

"Mommy!" a mini something tackled me. The impact was quite big as I fell back.

Wow, what a strong kid... I'm marvelled inside. A beautiful elf boy hugged me with tears trickling down his white smooth cheeks. I touched his ears, it's quite real. His parents were that good, that rich. His makeup and costume was perfect. So cute!

"What is your name? Where is your parents?"

The kid gasped, crying out loud.

"Sally, are you okay? Do you remember me? Don't joke around, it's not funny!" a beautiful lolita in black with a bulging stomach was so eye catching. The idea was quite original.

But... what place is this? I didn't remember there is cosplay event in my neighborhood.

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