1 Broken smile

Many creatures adored their beauty. Many celestial beings praised them for their powers. Also, many tried to take their place for they were blided by superiority and greed.

Beneath the heavenly clouds, where floating islands can be seen throughout the sky, lived a very ancient but powerful lineage of gods.

And the highest among them were the Xyrenix family.

The twelve realms were ruled by their kind. Under their leadership, peace reigned over lands and several kingdoms they own. Prosperity was their first advocacy to end all war between demons, angels, diwatas, and gods.

One morning a lovely harmony was heard in the kingdom of Cobalion that woke the townsfolk. "The queen is singing! Does this mean we have to go to the palace?" , said a baker.

"There must be an important announcement from the royal council!", replied a noble man.

Everyone is invited to go to the palace, even the peasants, the serfs ,and the beggars. The great hall was filled with thousands of people ready to hear and listen to the announcement of the royal members of the council.

"Good morning everyone!", shouted a tall man with a golden trumpet. "The royal advisor!" shouted a young child that made the whole crowd silent. "I am here to greet you all, in behalf of the royal kings and the royal queens and especially to the higher gods and their wives. I am sad to say that our kingdom is facing another great threat. But for further analysis this was supposed to be explained by our one and only king– King Cobalt!" The crowd suddenly cheered the king on his way to the balcony.

"Good Morning my fellow gods, the royal kings and queens, and my beloved subjects. Our peace in this kingdom has long been restored to forfeit the balance of magic between the twelve reamls and the eight dimensions of magic. But as your god I'm terribly sorry, but I'm afraid our kingdom can lose its peace once again by the cause of a great catastrophe. Dryvucos, god of darkness once again awoken from his tomb to make havoc and chaos into our kingdom. With some powerful commanders with his side he can escaped his tomb prison.

The people of Cobalion shouted, trembling with fear of what they heard. But not in a far away distance the goddess of the moon saw a dark cloud in the horizon. "My king! My fellow gods! Dryvucos is here with his armies of the dead!" she cried.

The king immediately commanded his legion to protect the palace walls. "Guards, protect the nobles and everyone. Don't let them fight my enemies."

The other gods were ready for battle. The gods of war stationed themselves as the commander of every fleet of the kingdom. The goddesses of magic swear an ought to heal the warriors and the mages and wizards wield their staffs to creat a powerful barrier surrounding the palace.

The king and queen transformed themselves into warriors wearing gold and sapphires as their armor. "Sky, my loyal son, protect your siblings. I cannot promise to come back alive but whatever happens, you'll be a great king someday", Cobalt said while tapping his son's shoulders.

Sky wanted to clarify several things to his parents but the other gods had already blocked his way. The seven siblings was transferred into a hidden hall deep beneath the palace. But the elder three did not wanted just to be protected by the guards. So by the lead of prince Sky he commanded his younger sisters, Quamara and Luna, to use their power.

"I know you want to help father, so let's cooperate. The gods are blind to see what we can", Sky said as he closed his eyes. Quamara and Luna looked at each other. They knew their parents would be mad but they can't let Cobalion fall. So they agreed.

With their common characteristics of teleportation they used their power to teleport themselves into the fleet batalion of Ra, the Egyptian god of the sun.

"Please lord of the sun, by my command don't let my parents know about this or I'll be in a great trouble" begged the you prince. "Your magesty you don't need to beg, we gods must protect our kingdom from darkness it's very uncommon for a god to just sit." replied the falcon head deity.

Just as for the reply of the prince, the trumpet that signifies the start of war was heard. "The war had started!" shouted the blood thirsty Ares.

As Ares drove his chariot onto the battlefield, Sol, goddess of corona, threw a powerful blast of feiry ball of fire that represents the sun. "I've missed this kind of battle" ,she boldly praise herself. And the war started, millions of living versus millions of dead. The forces of Dryvucos is too strong for the gods that others retreat for no reasons. But the mighty King Cobalt takes no fear as he uses his sword to kill hundreds of dead gods.

"You must go back to the underworld! You have no right to fight for your justice the gods had already tested your soul!",the king shouted.

"You see, your highness after you banished me to my eternal slumber. I met several creatures you and your wife had also banished. They thaught me of your weaknesses and I thought them of several magical spells and I also gave them some of my dark energy that sooner made them gods." The evil god stated.

Dark clouds suddenly appeared onto the top of the two opposing sides. "You shouldn't banished me, your magesty." Dryvucos said.

"I had too,if your the one whose gonna be the reason for my kingdom to fall. I'm sorry my friend but I have to kill you!" Cobalt replied and their fight began.

Slashes of swords can be heard coming from the two gods. "By the power of peace given to me, Chroforte!" shouted the king at his enemy.

A blue ray of light can be seen going to the direction of the evil god. "A xylunox spell? Do you think that would defeat me?", the evil god asked. He knew magic is his coat so he is confident that he can defeat Cobalt.

The battle continues as thunder and cannons can be heard. But time came when the king was heavily wounded. The Queen Aureail saw this and she flies over to the direction of his husband bringing her powerful scepter and hurled a powerful blast of bolts against the god.

But the god is swift enough to dodge the attack of the queen. And as the queen landed on to her feet, he stab the queen deep enough that the queen drop dead on the spot.

"Aureail!", the king shouted. He wanted to have revenge, to kill the god, but he has wounds for himself. He knew that even the goddesses can't heal them. Without any powers left he stumbled onto his knees.

"Hahaha, look the mighty king had fallen down onto his knees! I am the most powerful god in all the realms!" he boastly shouted.

*sscharckk* he was silent as he felt extreme pain in his chest and as he looked down he saw his dark blood continues to flow. "Not for long", a calm voice whispered at his back.

"Who are y-you?" he asked as he grows weaker and weaker.

"I...am your death" he replied.

The evil god drop dead as the mysterious figure slowly appeared.

"The prince! He killed the god of darkness!" the other gods whimped with joy.

They didn't notice the tears falling down on the prince's cheeks. However for what the other gods didn't see, his siblings saw directly. Not just the tears of sorrow but also their brother's sweet smiles slowly fading away.

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