55 The Anomaly in the Southern Border, the Exploration of the Ghost Region

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"In addition to that, everyone should know that our sect now has many powerful guest elders joining us. They will also appropriately impart quite a few unique skills."

Sect leader Ding's voice continued to ring out.

The commotion in the crowd became even more intense.

Many people swept their gazes towards the row of guests with powerful auras.

Regardless of whether these people were famous or not, they were all extremely powerful, and their skills were definitely extraordinary.

More and more aristocratic families were getting restless.

Many representatives of the sacred lands were anxious.

With this, their chances of obtaining good seedlings decreased.

"According to our discussion, every six months, the entire sect will hold a disciple recruitment ceremony and conduct a trial."

"If an outstanding disciple passes the test and attracts the Emperor's attention, it's not impossible for him to become an Emperor's disciple!"

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