42 All of Them Failed

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After Ye Changge went into seclusion.

The giant frog's image was filled with smoke and an array of colours.

Countless gusts of wind spun around him.

As time passed, his impact on the Emperor Realm became more and more intense.

After the giant turtle died, everyone in the Heavenly Mortal World could only feel the phenomenon of the laws of wind for the time being.

In the entire world, those who had comprehended the wind-type cultivation methods and cultivated the phoenix-type laws had more or less received guidance.

"What kind of strange phenomenon is this!"

"When the Emperor appears, the secret techniques he cultivates and the laws he comprehended will affect the entire world. This is also his gift to the world."

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"So you're saying that this senior has a high chance of success?"

"I'm not sure. But right now, he is the most likely to succeed."

At this moment, countless people in the world were discussing these things.

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