36 Slaughter of the Great Snake

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At night.

Under a huge tree in Tianluo Mountain.

Beside the bonfire.

Hua Feng licked his fingers repeatedly. He clicked his tongue in admiration as he licked.

"Can you be more mature?"

Victor rolled his eyes at Hua Feng speechless.

It was too embarrassing!

"Ah... it was too delicious. I couldn't help it."

Hua Feng raised his head and recalled his actions just now. He looked embarrassed.

Victor smiled helplessly and looked around.

Darkness enveloped them within the surrounding 20 meters. Their bonfire was like a lighthouse in the night.

"Junior elder, why did you want to come to Tianluo Mountain?"

Hua Feng dared not ask along the way. Now that they were at the foot of Tianluo Mountain, he could not resist the urge anymore.

"Why so many questions? Anyways, we are out on an adventure. It doesn't matter where we go.

"I just heard that the Tianluo Mountain is known as one of the top five mountains in the world, so I wanted to come and have a look.".

"As for the Qingyan Valley, I heard that the master living there has an exceptional fist technique that is not inferior to our Qingyun Eight Extreme Palms. I intend to ask for some guidance."

Victor had already prepared an excuse.

"Leveled to the sect master's Eight Extreme Palms? There is such a great fist technique?"

Hua Feng was astonished when he heard this.

"Don't talk so much nonsense, hurry up and cultivate! Look at you, you are already 18 years old, but you are still in the second-rate realm?"

"Uh... In our Qingyun Clan, a disciple who had reached the second-rate realm by the age of 18 is already quite outstanding!

"Junior elder, do you think everyone is wickedly strong like you?"

Just as Victor was about to give Hua Feng a good scolding...

The long-awaited system voice finally sounded in his mind.

"Ding! System update complete!"

Hearing the news of completion for the update, Victor could not wait to ask about the new functions of the system.

The system wasted no time and immediately introduced the general functions.

Apart from the original three functions of downloading, fusion, and investigation of the attribute panel, a new function was added, "Paste". At the same time, a repository was added for downloads.

In the future, the talents and techniques that he downloads would be directly placed in the repository.

The function of "Paste" allows pasting downloaded talents and techniques onto someone else. 

"System, that's odd. Why would I paste the downloaded talents and techniques onto someone else?"

Victor frowned. Suddenly, his eyes animated.

He suddenly understood the true purpose of pasting.

Some of the talents and cultivation methods that he could not use, he could download them and paste them onto his friends and fellow apprentices.

"Ding! Host, please take note, to ensure the host's absolute status, the host has the ability to retrieve the talents and techniques that have been pasted onto others at will."

After hearing the system's announcement, Instantly, Victor was completely relieved.

This new function was perfect!

Not only could it strengthen one's own party, but it could also prevent traitors.

After the system's detailed explanation, Victor now understood the specifis of the system.

Because his cultivation had reached the Xiantian realm, the system's coverage had reached 100 meters.

The speed of downloading techniques and cultivation methods was related to three factors: cultivation level, distance, and talent.

A download progress bar had been added to the attribute panel. Victor could use the progress bar to track the download statuses.

Victor thought for a moment and immediately understood.

Now that the system had been upgraded, the download time could be affected by manipulating variables. Furthermore, these three variables has the ability to shorten the download time greatly.

After understanding the functions of the newly upgraded system, Victor's mood became strangely happy.

Glancing at Hua Feng who had already entered the state of cultivation by the bonfire, Victor's eyes flickered.

It seemed that the new function of the system could help him repay Hua Feng's kindness.

"I'll go to Qingyan Valley tomorrow and see if I encounter any better talents. When the time comes..."

"This guy is not bad, just that his cultivation talent is a little weak."

Hua Feng's cultivation talent was only at level eight. If he didn't change it, Hua Feng would never be able to reach Xiantian realm.


"Junior elder, according to what the herb gatherer said yesterday, we should arrive at Qingyan Valley after crossing that mountain."

At this moment, the sky just started to brighten.

After having a good meal, Victor and Hua Feng continued their journey.

However, they still couldn't see their destination after crossing the mountain.

Although they met some passer-bys and got some details regarding the valley, it will still a rather difficult task to actually locate it.


Victor's Wind technique suddenly stopped, and he fell from the tree.

"What's wrong, junior elder!"

Hua Feng, who was barely able to keep up with Victor using his own Wind technique was following closely behind.

Due to Victor's sudden stop, he almost knocked his head against a big tree.

"Someone is here!"

"Someone is here?"

"Yes, someone is screaming and venting his anger."

"Qingyan Valley?" Hua Feng's eyes lit up.

There were indeed many forces located in the Tianluo Mountain.

However, the Tianluo Mountain stretched for thousands of miles and each force was far apart from each other.

If people appeared here, they had to be from Qingyan Valley.

As long as they followed this person, they would definitely be able to find Qingyan Valley.

"It can't be wrong!"

Victor nodded. "Let's Go!"

Hiss, hiss, hiss...

Victor and Wang Chen had just advanced a little when they heard a strange animal's cry coming from the canopy of large trees before them.

"Who's there?"

Wang Chen, who was currently roaring, did not even bother to hide his ferocious appearance.

He hated people disturbing him the most.

Not long after.

Two figures walked out from the big tree in front of them. They saw Victor and Hua Feng.

One of them was only 11 or 12 years old, while the other was older, at most 17 or 18 years old.

Most importantly, the two people looked very strange.


Wang Chen, who was holding back his anger, seemed to have found a target to vent when he saw Victor and Hua Feng.

Since they were both outsiders, they deserved to die.

"Sir... ?"

Hua Feng was about to step forward to ask, but was interrupted by the fierce roar of the opposite party.

"Great snake, bite them to death!"

Hua Feng glanced over and saw a huge snake with a circumference as thick as a bucket suddenly appearing from the top of the tree beside the young man.

Under the illumination of the light, the red scales of the huge snake gleamed.

The snake was like an arrow that had left the bow. It opened its bloody mouth and charged towards the two of them.

"Oh no! Be careful, junior elder!"

Hua Feng suddenly shielded Victor behind him.

Victor took in everything in front of him calmly.

If he had not guessed wrongly, the young man in front of him was Wang Chen, the son of the Qingyan Valley master, Wang Zhi.

In his previous life, Victor had also learned about the plot of The World of Martial Arts.

When Wang Chen was younger, Wang Zhi fed him with all kinds of medicinal herbs and threw him into the snake cave as a lure. Finally, he let the snakes in the cave to devour each other, leaving the strongest one to be fed with Wang Chen's blood.

In his previous life, Victor still felt a little pity for Wang Chen.

Now... all he felt was disgust!

The three of them had just met.

To kill someone without any explanation, how can one be so cruel?

"Don't hold back, kill!"

Victor cold words, caused Hua Feng to suddenly  quiver.

The voice had such murderous intent, unexpectedly coming from the mouth of junior elder, who was only 12 years old.

However, although normally junior elder wasn't as kind as the other elders.

But, he was rather easy to communicate with.

This was the first time he had seen junior elder being so decisive.

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