1 reborn

Hello I'm your normal average young man Philip.I'm 15 this year and all I do is listen to vocaloid songs which make the people around me to think that I'm weird

(My real name is too long and it's a pain in the ass to write it in a paper and very few know it so why not use a segment of my name)

My life is that of your average highschool student and while not that smart I'm still smart and the only reason why my grade is too low is because i'm too lazy to do the projects

I live in a poor but happy family and were not that poor either.Now enough of the chitchat

Waking up my bed just to look at the time I return again to my bed cause why not???,And so I return to my dream world which only got interrupted by my very angry mother who have a nightmarish weapon on her hand....a sleeper

"Lalake(Boy) how long do you think your going to sleep!?!?!?!"My 47 years old mother who still look like a 20 year old beauty shouted angrily as she look at me with the scariest eyes I ever seen as the slippers in her hands threaten to slap me in the face

"Mom,just a few minutes,I promise"I said as I kissed her on the checks cause I love my mother,before returning to sleep

"Sleep!?!?,Look it's already 10:00 AM,your'e going to be late!!!!"My mother said

"Wait!!,What!!??,10:00 AM!?!?!?!"I asked before looking at the alarm and there I saw the time and it's 10 AM

"Shit"I can only said as I run towards the door as my mother look at me with surprise and I immediately tun the kitchen to cook Rice with haste,before taking all my uniforms to prepare as even if it's still 10 and I still have a lot of time and it's still too early,I always go to school early as i hate the traffic

////in the living room(watching some show in the TV while i wait for the rice to be cooked)////

"Brother,carry me"My 8 years old sister Milia asked me with a puppy eyes as i sit in the corner watching the tv

"Hahahaha while do you always want me to carry you???"I asked as I stand up and carried her as she have a satisfied look on her face

"Because your'e cool!!!"She replied with admiration in her eyes

"Ohhh more cooler than me???My older brother ask as he is doing some programming in his laptop

"Of course!!!!"My sister replied,which caused an invincible 999999999 damage taken to appear atop my brothers head

"Well I don't need to be cool as I'm already hot"My brother replied while having a proud look on his face

"Hahahaha really???"I asked as I pat Milia on the head

"Of course,just look at this muscles and abs"He replied as he proudly showed his masterpiece

"But brother I can only see your ribs"Milia said with disgust in her eyes which make me laugh hard

"But Brother you also have ribs instead of abs"My cute- no she is not cute anymore said in a similarly disgusted tone which make my older brother laugh his ass off on the ground as he tried to catch his breath

"what's the commotion????"My mother asked as she enter the room while carrying the laundry

"hahahaha noth-what the hell"I said as suddenly a large glowing circle envelope us

The circle have words written in unknown language

Not waiting for us to respond it quickly engulf us as we screamed in surprise

"hahahahahahaha Welcome chosen ones"We appeared in a white space as an old man appeared and speaks to us

"What is your purpose"My brother asked as he block us from the view of the old man

"Calm down,calm down"The old man said as he make a hand gesture which caused a set of chairs to appear with a table in front of us

"how do you expect us to calm down????"My mother asked

"Why don't you take a seat first"The old man said as he sit in one of the chairs

Following the old man we seat on the chairs and soon enough we quickly calmed down after drinking a cup of tea he offered

"As you already calmed down I might as well explain the situation"The old man said as he cleared his throat and he continued with

"You can call me God as that's what your people call me,well you are chosen to live in another world i created where the civilization is still undeveloped and magic is still undiscovered,but not as a human you will be reincarnated as a xenomorph.Any variant you want to pick and also you have three slots for any traits that you want,ok you can start now as we don't have that much time left,you will be teleported in 4 hours"The old man said before disappearing from our view

"so what now???"I asked as i look at them

"Any of you who know what a xenomorph is???"My mother asked

"Me"Me and my brother said as we raised our hands

"Brother I'm scared"My little sister said to me as she hugged me

"ok,ok now let's talk on what to do now"I said as I passed Milia to my mother

"Who will explain what a xenomorph is???"I asked as i look at my brother

"Ok Ok i'll explain it"My brother replied knowing what i mean

And so he explained what a xenomorph is and after that we planned what traits we will pick and we decided that the our first two traits will be the same,instant mastery(both weapon and skills) and instant adaptivity(able to adapt to any terrain and environment) and the third trait will be up to us

I choosed trait steal which allow me to steal and combine to my body the traits of anything i defeat

My brother choosed blood control which allow him to control blood

My sister choosed Infinite magic talent as she said that she want to be a fairy

My mother choosed unpenetrable skin as she said she want to protect us

as for what variant we choosed,well the three of us choosed the predalien variant as mu sister said it's cool,the only one who didn't choosed the predalien variant is my mother as she said that she want to be a queen so she pick red genocide queen which make all of us laugh

3 hours later

"Are you ready now"The old man asked as he appeared in front of us

"yes.....old man"I replied

"It will be long before we will met again,but when you returned here all of you will be granted with a god position based on your feats"the old man said before disappearing once again

"god position???"My sister asked as she hugged me from behind

"for the time being,that's not what we should matter hahahaha"My brother laugh as light started to consume us

to be continued..................

guess i have to break a vow that i will not write any other novel while my other novel is still unfinished hahahahahaahahah and please have mercy on these poor soul for making this so cringey

Sleepers corrected to slippers (Thanks to Eternal_Swallow)

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