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Xavion Silverfate


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What is Xavion Silverfate

Xavion Silverfate is a popular web novel written by the author bleedingpapers, covering ADVENTURE, MAGIC, ROMANCE, ACTION, SYSTEM, FANTASY, MYSTERY, SUPERNATURAL, WEREWOLF, WERECAT, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 40.9K readers with an average rating of 4.74/5 and 25 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 56 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Being a victim of the injustice law, Xianne Vyde pledge to save her father. But the dots were connected and they block the gates, she was left with no choice but to trust Xavion Silverfate. SPREAD THE BLOOD! Follow me on IG: bleedingpapers_wn

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I just wanted to tell you that the story is amazing, I read the chapters all the way to chapter 7 and I can tell you all that I am so hooked up because of the plot, the grammar is good just a little revising and it'll be awesome, I am I live with supernatural thingy like werewolves and vampires and this just gave me what I love hope to read more updates from you author!^^


Oh my! It's a great novel. If I want to explain 1000 words is not enough. So lemme tell briefly, Prologue is dope and intriguing. I want to find out what happened to her and him. Well written with almost no grammatical mistakes. Wands and wizards? Sounds like harry potter right? But you can't be more wrong. Set in the medieval world, characters feeling alive, and the good dialogues. I am happy I read this novel. Trust me, this is not a run-of-the-mill novel, and won't be disappointed.


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The storyline is very interesting and once you start, you cant leave it untill you finish all the chapters. I cant wait for the next chapter. STUPENDOUS !!!!


Your title is really catching my heart .I love it. The plot is very nice and intriguing. The characters chemistry is too nice. i sense mystery. It is really a worth readng book. Highly recommended


A great book! About the novel- Intriguing plotline tailored finely with sequence of events, well designed characters along with a well thought out concept. The novel has humour, action, adventure, system, mystery plus is fantasy based. The prologue is great which already sets in the tone of the novel. Great job author!


Nicely done! The plot was interesting and somewhat mysterious. The description and narrations were very easy to read although I can say that the writing quality still has lots of room for improvement. I do suggest you make the synopsis less vivid. Two-three sentences might not be enough to get your readers hooked. Still, good job and keep writing!


Excellent author! I just like your writing style. The world background is truly well done, I like that. Xianne is a very interesting character, very determined. The writing quality is fantastic, the dialogues are very easy to follow and enjoyable. I like how you introduced the characters and the plot. Please keep up the good work, author! This is totally a worth read.


This story is very interesting. I love how the author portray the characters well. The world background is well written. Overall this one is a great read! Good work author! I will look forward for more updates. Greatly recommended this story to everyone!


This story was amazing and executed right. I am impressed because it was not easy for the author to write in english but it was a success! Gotta say I am jealous right now.....by the way, I am from review swap.


Really interesting world the author sets up! Its intriguing and purrfect...(I had to lol). Anyways this was truly interesting and the witing was really well done! Was a little confusing at first but the author does an amazing job of pulling you!


EYE CATCHY BOOK COVER, INDULGENT SYNOPSIS AND A COMEDIC YET AMAZINGLY WRITTEN PIECE, Silverfate has a comedic but serious character idk how to put it in words , the opening chapter especially caught my eye, XIANNE is a fierce woman who seems to have soft attributes but shes is mission-driven, love that, H O N E S T L Y! Now


It's a really interesting read, the plot is unique and captivating. Asides from a few grammatical errors that can be easily corrected, the book is quite enjoyable.


SPREAD THE BLOOD. I like the synopsis and the book in general. I am looking forward to how the characters grow and what comes with it. Good job and good luck.


The story is quite well written.It reminds me of Harry Potter. But that's not a bad thing. There are some bit where it sounded a bit confusing. Overall, great work!!


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The writing quality is much better than most webnovels on the side. 5 Recently, it seems to be daily update, but I can see that in the past it has been more erratic. I'll give the benefit of the doubt and assume the author will continue this trend. 5 The story development is already there after just a few chapters. However, there still needs to be more to make a final decision. 4 The character designs and names are all well thought out and maintain immersion in the novel. 5 The world background is adequately interesting. Since its not a generic isekai or system or whatever, there can be potentially a lot to dive into here. 5


We have quite a lot going on throughout this novel. What I like most is that there is a lot of showing as I read, allowing me to guess the flow of the story instead of having an mountain of info text. The dialogue is easy to follow, although maybe it's best to cut down a little bit on it, because I see quite a lot of it per chapter. Personally I would like to see the characters more, maybe seeing what really makes them unique among each character, but I guess we'll see more of that as the story continues on. Each already has a unique name, now it's just seeing their traits. Keep on writing author! You're doing great so far.


Hey, thanks so much for writing this story! I hope you keep working on it! I enjoyed how you introduced the characters, and am hoping to find out more about the world sooner or later! The dialog is enjoyable, but I believe you'll get even better at it if you keep writing every day! Hope to see more chapters posted soon!


The story is well written! The context is fantasized for me, I'm not really an avid reader of fantasy books, but this one is good. Tragic life is lit!


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