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The rest of the week went fast, I spent most of my time after school rehearsing for cheerleading. I usually got home at six. At home I made dinner with Greta or watch something in the movie room. We have gotten quite close which was surprising. I was enjoying her company, she was a like mom figure. She finally gave me a tour of the house. And the house was bigger than I thought. There were 8 rooms, a massive pool, a jacuzzi and a court. She and Paul also had their sleeping quarters and I found out they were married.

I haven't seen the gang in a while. I only saw Stephanie and Mary because they were in most of my class. I only saw Xavier or Josh at practice but we didn't talk. But that was because I was avoiding them. I have also avoided Jenna but I see her at practice as well and she was always a bitch but ignored her. After Mary told me to stay away from them I thought it would be best if I spend my lunch revising at the library. Besides I had a lot of work to do, my teachers have already started giving out assignments. And I didn't want to fall behind. And I could use my laptop instead of taking notes which made me happy. They also assigned us with iPads each that could be used in class.

I hadn't spoken to my dad a lot but that was because we were 3 hours behind. So he was either in meetings or asleep when I can call.

When I got home on Wednesday night and saw boxes of presents on my bed. I was surprised but I knew they were from my father, i knew why he was sending me presents. He thought it would make me feel better since he couldn't come home this weekend. He had to fly to New York for a Congress meeting. I told him it was okay, I wasn't upset. I was still trying to settle in so I didn't mind him not being here. But he took that as a buying me lots of expensive stuff I don't need. I hadn't even looked at the boxes. I just put them aside. I knew his assistant Emily was the one that bought everything.

Mary, FaceTimed me last night to confirm that I was coming to the party. I told yes and said she and Stephanie could come to get ready here. She said alright that she will drive us all to mine after school. She also told me, Xavier was throwing the party. I asked about his parents and they were always out of town so he had many parties.

I almost said no after finding out it was at Xavier, I don't think he would want me in his house. But he didn't say I couldn't come so I figured it was alright. I will just stay far away from him as possible.

It was finally Friday, I was out of bed by 6:30 giving me an hour to get ready and eat breakfast. I was getting used to the routine. I had my shower and brushed my teeth. I could hear my phone pinging off from the bedroom, it was probably Mary just texting, I will reply later when I was done. Walking into my closet to see the clothes I hanged to wear. I always made sure to prepare before going to bed so I wouldn't waste time picking an outfit. I decided to go in a pink and white suit with a white low heel and a white Chanel bag. It was classy and cute. And I liked dressing smart, it makes me feel smart.

I looked at the clock and saw I had 30 minutes. So I decided to do something with my hair. I have been putting it in a ponytail all week. But I decided to straighten it today.

Straight hair made my head look longer. So I didn't like doing it. I quickly did my face; Some concealer, blush and lipgloss and was good to go. Picking my phone off the bed and putting it in my bag. I had 10 minutes left.

Walking down to the kitchen. I saw Greta drinking a cup of coffee.

"Morning," I said placing my bag on the counter


"Morning dear," she said kissing my cheek.

I picked up a bagel and a cup of coffee.

"Greta, my friends are coming over after school, could you make us something to eat," I asked her "like sandwiches and stuff"

"Sure I could bake some cookies or brownies," she said excitedly.

"Sure, that's would be nice," I said finishing my bagel.

She started rumbling off on what she could make. I shake my head at her and said goodbye. Sometimes she was weird but I liked it. "Thanks for breakfast" I screamed as I walked towards the front door.

I saw Paul waiting for me like always "morning Paul" I greeted him as he opened the door.

"Morning Vanessa" he smiled at me.

He didn't say much. But I could see why they were together. Greta was the voice as she talked way more than him.

I got in the car and closed the door.

I forgot I needed to ask him to drive us to the party. "Hey Paul, can you drive me and my friends to a party tonight," I asked him.

"Sure thing Vanessa, do you need me to pick you up as well," he said looking at me through the mirror.

"I will text you when we are ready to leave and you don't have to pick me up after school," I told him and he nodded and the conversation ended.

I spent the rest of the car ride listening to music and looking out the window. When he got to the school I thanked him and got out.

The parking lot was filled with students like always. Talking and chilling next to their cars. I made my way to the front of the school.

But the sound of a car made me look back at the parking lot. I saw a black wrangler Jeep. And I kinda had a feeling who was inside but I still stopped and looked.

The jeep parked and Stephanie was the first to come out. She looked cute in her jeans and t-shirt. Her brother Alan came out of the side. Then the driver door opened and Xavier came out.

He was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans like he always did but he had a gym back with him today. He had that stupid look on his face. Stephanie spoke to her brother for a second before she started talking towards the school. 

I turned around and started walking before they caught me staring. "Hey Vanessa" I heard Stephanie shout.

I turned around and smiled at her, "Hey Stephanie I didn't see you're there" yeah I know I'm a lair.

"Have you seen this?" she said pulling out her phone as she got close to me.

My heart drops for a second. Omg, what was it? Did someone post a picture of me naked or something? I thought. I always made sure the changing was empty before I showed.

"What is it," I asked her quickly. My hands were shaking "someone posted this" she said giving me her phone.

And I saw the picture. It was a picture of me sitting on the field that day the ball hit me. You could see my face in it. I was resting on my arm and my head on my back with my eyes closed. I swipe and saw more pictures making my gaps.

Oh god someone was watching me.

There were more pictures. Me drinking water and when I was daydreaming. I looked at the name of the person that posted it but it was a fake name. The picture already had 10k likes. I hope my dad doesn't see this. He would freak out.

"Oh my god," I said looking at Stephanie who was just smiling.

"Why are you smiling, someone is stalking me," I asked her confused.

"I don't think the person is stalking you. Look it's just a photographer accounts. But whoever it is doesn't want people to know. They have over 20k followers." She said showing me the page. "This is the first time they posted someone though, confirming they attend this school" I was looking at the page.

It was filled with pictures of natures and buildings. Whoever this person knew how to take a picture. They even made me look good.

"Okay that is still kinda creepy," I said to her.

"How come I didn't see anyone taking them" she pulled me so we could walk into school.

"Don't worry about it, they probably just thought you looked good," she says

"Okay, but isn't that like invasions of my privacy," I asked her.

I noticed people staring at me as we walked. I didn't like this. I need to find whoever posted them and make them delete them.

"Who could it be," I asked her

"There was a lot of people on the field that day, so it could be anyone," she said.

My phone was pinging again. So I looked at it and it was notifications from Instagram. I opened the app and was shocked.

My picture was getting likes. It was just pictures of me on the plane and a picture of me next to dad when he was campaigning. I now had like 2k followers. When last night I only had 500 people following me.

"Ooo you're getting famous" Stephanie said laughing.

"No, this can not be happening," I said to her. I was gonna put my account on private.

"Hey, enjoy it. Post pictures you could make some cash if people like it" she said.

"No you don't understand, I can't bring attention to myself. My dad is a senate, whatever I do could backfire on him" I told her.

"You don't have to do anything. Just start posting more pictures of yourself trust me you will enjoy the attention" She said smiling softly.

I looked around the hallway and saw people were still staring at me.

"Hey, I gotta go my lesson is at D block" she kissing my cheek before walking away. "Bye," I yelled after her.

I glanced at my phone and decided to just put it on silent and in my bag for now. I had to get to class. I can deal with this later.

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