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What is Xandia

Read Xandia novel written by the author Bloom759 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, imposter. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


sneak peak Where am I?, what is this place?, prince Vincent looked at his surroundings, the excessive blue hue in the sky with no sign of a cloud but a bright light shining through only seemed to confirm that he was not in Xandia, and more importantly, this was not a realm he was familiar with. The weather felt a lot hotter than it was meant to be at his time of year. Slowly sitting upright with beads of sweat trickling down his face onto his dress pants as he guarded his eyes from the luminous rays, the light dimmed and all he could see now were lots of trees, he heard footsteps and the ruffling of the trees. An egg rolling towards him before it stopped a few feet close to him, he looked at the egg in a daze, where had he seen this egg?. A boy not too far behind catching up with it, "gotcha!" the boy heaved a sigh of relief as he grabbed the egg. He instantly realized where he was, and more importantly what that egg was, he wondered why he hadn't recognized it before, it was none other than the same woods he chased after the dragon's egg into. He looked up at his 13 year old self, he expected a reaction from his teenage self to his time defying presence but all he saw was a transfixed teenage Vincent to the spot, carefully inspecting his area :"Who-who's there?!" his mini version called, clutching harder onto the egg; Vincent didn't remember being this terrified 6 years ago. He didn't see why he needed to be in this timezone, he waved his hands in front of his teenage self, no response. He followed his line of sight and once more he was faced with the mysterious girl who stood at a reasonable distance in the shadows:"Your mother must be worried, take this straight path you would meet her there" the girl said pointing at a direction ahead of 13 year old Vincent. This is the moment I've been waiting for, Vincent stood approaching the girl, it was now or never, he had to do it before she runs off. "Who are you?" his mini version called. He was inches away from the girl, he knelt down to have a closer look at her features, she had a hood on but he caught a glimpse of her mystical green eyes. He was mesmerized by her as he tried caressing her cheeks but his hands went right through her and once again he was reminded he was the one not real in this time zone, knowing he didn't have much time, he knew what came next, he saw her lips curl upwards as she let out a giggle with a cryptic message from this mysterious girl "we'll see" she turned and ran off. But in that bit of time he heard a voice as everything seemed to get brighter by the second, "Please wake up, I'm sorry". Who said that?, he tried looking at his surroundings but he was all alone so this should all be in his head. ****** Want to know more?, add this to your library for updates. Don't forget to rate or leave a review if you enjoyed the story This is a sequel to "GARCIA" a story on my Wattpad account @bloom759 #Hidden gems #SpirityAwards #knight #castle #plot twist


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GREAT GREAT and GREAT STORY. I hope you continue to write your works like this. The story has fantasy and romance as core theme but readers can enjoy and experience the emotions that author have tried to express through this story.


All right, CodeW here. Your novel, so far, has potential. I know this is rarely updated now, but so far, I enjoy the plot about Vincent and his drive to find Commander Blair's real identity. However, there are some capitalization errors you can fix. Other than that, it's good. Hope that you can continue it. Sincerely, CodeW


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