Wulfric Maxwell: Manor of Lies and Deceptions
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Wulfric Maxwell: Manor of Lies and Deceptions


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What is Wulfric Maxwell: Manor of Lies and Deceptions

Wulfric Maxwell: Manor of Lies and Deceptions is a popular web novel written by the author NotUse, covering ACTION, MYSTERY, THRILLER, DETECTIVE, MURDER-MYSTERY, CRIME FICTION, DETECTIVE-FICTION, PUZZLES, ANALYSTS, SUPENSE, Realistic Fiction genres. It's viewed by 28.8K readers with an average rating of 4.88/5 and 44 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 30 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Amidst the pale moonlight, a famous and wealthy man was struck blindly inside his manor. It is up to Europe’s most famous detective and his assistant to figure who is responsible for his death and what are his or her motives? Little do the analysts know, the culprit(s) dwelling within seventeen unfamiliar faces is a mastermind cloaked in a disguise of an innocent. Will the analysts be able to solve the mystery behind this or would it turn out into something quite unexpected? Secrets and hooligans are revealed in the first book of the Wulfric Maxwell Series: Manor of Lies and Deceptions. Who is to blame for the death of an incident? Seventeen suspects, one murderer or so they thought.

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It's been years since I have last read a detective story. My childhood was literally filled with HP series and detective stories. I seriously admire those authors who writes detective stories because man.....it takes a lot of work. The pace of the story is a little bit slow but it doesn't impact the plot. The author has taken time to build the world background and characters. The grammar is perfect as far as I can see. If you love suspense, thriller, adventure and most importantly detective stories, I'll suggest you to give it a go. Good work author!!


Reading a detective story after a long time. Oh my God. It completely blew my mind. It managed to surpass my high expectations AND be nothing at all like I expected. Or in Newspeak "Double Plus Good."


My goodness. I was just scrolling and I found this novel. The name was interesting making me go and look into it. The moment i realised that it is a novel full of adventures and mysteries I instantly decided to read it. Guess what......I am not disappointed. Such a good work author. I rarely see such amazing novels on webnovel. Let us all cheer for it. And join the journey of the detective. Btw, author I just noticed you have wrote other novels on Pokemon. I am a big Pikachu fan....


A lot of the writers on Webnovels are amateurs, or writers who had just started out. But this story is written at a professional level. The read felt like reading a published work to me. Just amazing. Outstanding. Highly recommend.


This story is brilliant! I went in not expecting such a vividly descriptive detective story. It doesn't even feel like I'm reading a webnovel, I felt like i was reading an actual book which goes to show how much thought and effort author has put into writing the scenery and background. It feels like an old detective story I'd watch on tv. That introduction was very powerful, it set the scene of the novel right from the start and hooked me to continue reading. Although the progress of the plot is a bit slow it doesn't get boring, its expected to build the background though some readers would not like this. It does tend to get a bit wordy. I'd recommend author break up huge paragraphs of text into two or three smaller ones, most readers get scared when the see so much text right at the start. Otherwise, there is no real errors or typo or misplaced word. Everything written seems to have a set purpose to the plot whether its setting up a new character or visualising a scene. Very good job done. I don't know if author has watched the movie called Knives out. Its also about a bestselling author who was murdered. He calls in a detective to investigate right after his death and turns out his family was behind it. I recommend checking it out if author has time, I think you'll like it 😀


Amazing! This is an amazing novel with a beautiful plot. The MC is a detective who is smart and has depth and a back story. The author does a wonderful job of creating dynamic characters, a descriptive world, and an intriguing story. I was hooked from the first chapter. The Autor's writing is brilliant, I did not find any mistakes and the flow of the story was very smooth. It easily allowed me to immerse in the story. Well done with this masterpiece. I have added to my library to continue reading, well done!


A unique take that the POV revolves around the dead man, this is something u dont read very often around this site, it was fresh. It reminds me of detective conan but well grounded and detailed, even realistic. Well didn't expect the ending. As for the writing style, it fits well with the story, but I read through it even though Im not a fan of mystery novels.


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I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be looking out for more stories from this author.😭😭😭😭😭😭This was a fun, easy read with many twist and turns. I enjoy it a lot! And is currently binge reading it!


I'm a ******** fan of mystery and detective type novels and this one is just my cup of tea. The way you write your paragraphs have this very straightforward and strong punch to it which i think really goes well with the theme of your story. I will absolutely recommend! :>


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The whole vibe of this story reminds me of one of Agatha Christie's novels, or perhaps a Sherlock Holmes story. The author has a good, solid grasp on language and a wide vocabulary, and there were minimal grammatical mistakes for the first part, which can be fixed easily with some editing. The author creates a strong, distinct character voice, as well as suspense and engagement throughout. One of the best works on WN that I have seen so far. Keep up the good work!


The author is exceptionally talented. He has crafted a masterpiece that'll hook the readers from the start. A great work of suspense! It's added to my library. Please update!!!!! I want to know who is the murderer !!!!


"Who am I?" [Yeah! Author-sama, sure won me here.] I am besotted with the use of philosophy. As a result, the writing seems to be more eloquent and very well thought out. Such impressive work! ,<3 To be honest, I've always been a fan of criminology. Especially, serial killers. I don't know why but they really catch my interest. Sure, this novel has the same effect on me. It is very addictive. It has the 'Something' that captures the reader immediately. The characters are full of mysteries. Surrounded by twists and turns. The plot is complex, has exquisite transitions. A grammar of envy. I confirm it is a MASTERPIECE!


im a total sucker for detective stories! omgg, reminds me of sherlock holmes. good world building, nice solid characters. really enjoyed it. <3


I have never read a detective story before, but I'm obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, and this is quite similar, the only difference is the MC isn't a complete sociopath.🤦‍♀️ The detective is really smart and interesting, and the world is filled with dynamic characters. Also impeccable English, so smooth to read.


I feel the writing quality defines the charm of a writer, and this author has that. A lot of research and headaches are fairly visible in the chapter. Two thing writers need to do justice on (First)-Scripting down your true imagination, (Second)- To make the readers understand what you wrote. I suppose both the things done flawlessly here. The author has chosen the premise to be 19th century Europe and what intrigues me the most none of it seems out of place the names, background, and traits all of it make sense. Will have to commend the author for not using a 3rd person omniscient but a 3rd person limited POV. To phrase it childishly, we are listening to the ghost of Felix Schneider, who may or may not be speaking the truth at certain times so don't believe blindly everything he says. A good hook to the story. 17 suspects are to what writers generally call the marathon....the author has planned to carry the story on the shoulders of these suspects. And since there are 17 suspects, there have to be 17 or more potentially believable motives behind his murder. And I hope each of those motives is believable and logical. One thing which I find lacking, Wolfrick and Luthor have a very little contrast between them, for Example- Sherlock is obnoxious and Watson is timid, this contrast carries the story for the long run so no matter how much of a genius Moriarty is, he can’t beat the chemistry between the two (Is what I think). I Am not talking about age or beard, I might be wrong here, but a distinguishable quirk in MCs traits between them would have been more enjoyable. Just a slight point, I wanted to let you know. The other characters are no doubt flawless. The Genre is Realistic Fiction for which I feel the author is motivated and experienced with writing/reading or both. This novel will satiate the curiosity of many fans. Even though I Am not as such a fan of the genre but it still held my interest (hats off to the author). Do read this, a work of art .


OMG first chapter got me hooked. I am actually quite picky with detective stories and I personally prefer that stories like this should be more detailed to enhance the mystery. And guess what? The author satisfied all of that. Bravo!


It's been a while since I've read a good murder mystery and this one is one of the best ones I've read so far, very captivating, and well written and is definitely going on my list!


Wow! I am fascinated with novels dealing with murders! And this novel is awesome! It's thrilling, engaging and captivating! A page turner! If you start reading it, you won't be able to drop it! It's a murder mystery novel, well written, mind engrossing and simply mind grabber! Well done Author! Keep it up!


Just finished reading the current chapters, and that was quite the blast! I rarely read detective stories but this is my first one in a while now. The writing style is nice, neat, and flows very well in the progress of each chapters. The characters are quite impactful in one way or another; the complexity of their actions, words, etc help the detective discern facts and inputs them into his thinking to advance further in finding clues to the murder of Felix the writer. Once again, it's very interesting and quite enjoyable to read so I plan to continue reading this novel. Keep it up!


Wow! Amazing work! It is indeed a masterpiece. I was intrigued even from the prologue. The way you wrote this story is simply beautiful. I need to learn a lot from you! Are you perhaps a professional writer? Because your writing skills slaps👌 I have never read a mystery novel before, but maybe i should give them a try after reading yours. Added this to my library! Best of luck, Author!


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