1 New World

25 March 2020

It has been a disastrous week for me as I was unable to go out because of sudden announcement of lockdown in india .On the top of that I have been back from my international trip. Because of which I was even more stressful out. I hope that everything goes fine .As there was announcement in TV that people from international travel are having high changes of carrying virus.

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As the time went on it's been two weeks since the beginning of lockdown and I was seeing lot of news on the virus that's been like wild fire. I was having bit of cold and mild fever for last few days and I was thinking that it's common as there has been a sudden change of climate because of my international travel.

Now it has been 3 weeks since lockdown and today I had a call with my family .They were worried sick they want me to comeback to my home town but there now away for me to go .My fever was too high with occasional breathing problem so took some antibiotics and I felt good. And I decided to self quarantine.

it's been nearly 2 months since quarantine I was feeling good now with slight breathing issue but it was fine .I was on my way to supermarket with all the security measures then suddenly felt my head dizzy and next thing I know I was in hospital with a pipe in my mouth.i felt unbearable pain I couldn't even move a finger all I could hear is a group of doctor's saying ' it's difficult we can't be sure ' . I felt like crazy is this the end of me is there no other way for me. what sins have I committed to receive this. Then I suddenly felt pain near my chest.

I don't know what was happening all I see is endless void which gave confirmation that I was dead. I was feeling sorry and pain for my parents and sister how they might be feeling. Then I remembered few words said by my grandmother "people who die young they simply leave but there memories and pain they left will be carried by the old" which hurt a lot just by thinking about my parents. I dunno how much time has passed then I felt someone suddenly pulled me.

At Some Unknown location

In an old rundown house a woman was screaming. ' common push Elena you can do it pust harder' midwife was screaming. Push baby's legs are out common push Elena and then there was a sudden cry of a baby. And there was sudden bell sound.

" congratulations Elena it's a healthy baby boy oh my goodness he looks so cute" .

" Thank you rosy my son and I will be in your debt I don't what would have happened if you we not here".

" ok Elena shut up how can you say like this these are tuff times if we can't help each other how can we survive and Elena you have lost lot of blood it is better to rest. See how lucky your son is to be born on new year and exactly at midnight he would be a lucky charm".

Elena was exhausted with blank green eyes looking at the broken ceiling. No one knew what she was thinking she gave reply ' hope is lucky' . She took me in to her bossom to feed the baby and then she went in to sleep.

Unknown to them another soul was in panic. As I was pulled from the void all I saw was a big fat woman brown haired woman glaring at me and yelling .i was panicked what was happening where am I .Then the fat woman placed me beside a beautiful woman with green eyes and golden hair who seems to be my mother. Then through the conversation between these people I came to know my mother's name is Elena and the midwife's name is rosy. Last but not least I was born on new year exactly at midnight 12.

Well i am born again in 'New world' on which I have no idea. Then again let's hope for the best I felt exciting ' I was feeling like common this new world iam going to rock this new life ' .Then suddenly I felt weak ok boy don't get excited iam only kid yawn I closed eyes and went in to sleep.

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