7 6: Cole

Aldrein's POV

"Hey Mr. President. You met your ex right?" The vice president asked me right after the meeting but I did not pay attention to what she had said.

"Candy, bring me the notes later."-me

"Yes prez." she said as she walked out of the room.

"Now, Amber. Never mention my ex again." I said with a blank yet dangerous expression written on my face.

"Ohh are you going to put me in my death bed after you said those words?" she said, as if triggering my nerves.

"I can't even if I wanted to."

"Just move on dear. A time will come when you have to kill her."

"And what does it mean?" I curiously asked.

"Just saying." she let out an annoying and meaningful smirk before leaving me alone in the conference room. Tss.

I cleaned up my papers before I left the room. I went to the auditory room again or what we can call a studio.

As I have suspected, she's here. I cleared up my mind and went in.

"Good afternoon Ms. Alfonse." I greeted her.

"Afternoon." She coldly said.

"Oh, good afternoon to the others as well. Ms. Alfonse is the president here so I hope yoy all understand why I greeted her first." I said in an inoocent manner.

"G-good afternoon prez. It's okay." The vice president of the club answered. I nodded and approached Darlene.

"Excuse me prez, I've been hearing song requeats from the students. May I ask you to play these songs every break time at the canteen and cafeteria?"-me

"Did you already checked the contents of every song? Songs these days have a lot of curses and bad meaning."

"I listed the links of these songs and those are censored."

"K." I stared at her and that became a distraction for her. "What are you staring at? Just say what you want." she said with an irritated expression written on her face.

"About the acquaintance party of the freshmen next week, your club will be the one handling the auditory etc so here's the program." I said as I gave her the program. She accepted it and placed it on her desk.

"Have a practice with the emcee this friday. That's all and thank you." I was about to leave but I forgot something.

"Oh, by the way, I suggest to play Lover by Taylor first. I wanna annoy the singles." I heard a few chuckles before I left the room.

I was at the hallway when someone called my name. Hmm, there shouldn't be any students around here 'cause they have classes. I faced the direction where the voice came.

"Hmm, what is it Ms. Alfonse?" I asked. She walked near me and looked me at the eye. That made me feel a bit ticklish in my heart. And at the same time, it triggered the crack that I have in my heart.

"Here are your things. I forgot to give it yesterday." she said as she looked away and handed me a box. I slowly grabbed it on her hands and looked at her.

"Are you afraid of me?" I asked with a sad expression that I can't seem to control at times like these. She walked one step backward and looked straight into my eyes.

"I'm not afraid of you, I'm afraid of what you will do. Argh. I'll go now. Just breathing the same air as you is making me sick." Ahh, the crack is triggered again.

"Well, if you don't inhale the oxygen, you'll die you know? Just endure it." She glared at me.

"I hate you. No, I despise you." then, she walked away. I stopped her with my free hand. I am now grabbing her arm.

"Is it because I'm a killer?" I asked. She pushed my hand away but she didn't look at me.

"Who would love a killer, huh?"

"...an odd woman. A crazy yet wonderful woman." I said with a smile that I didn't know can be seen at such a time like this. She didn't answer and just walked away. I sighed and went back in the SCO.

As I went in, something caught my attention. Amber and Candy are talking seriously. Candy looked at my direction but she's still serious. Then she looked back at Amber and said something. After that she went back to her desk and made herself busy.

What is that about? I approached Amber. I was about to talk but she raised her hand, a sign to stop me from saying anything.

"Ask her. I promised not to say anything to you okay?" And she went to her desk...I approached Candy.

"Candy Cane..." What am I going to say anyway? And why was I curious on something they talked about? It's not like I have to know everything.

"Yes prez?" she responded. That seriousness is bothering me.

"Is there any problem?"

"I have so many problems that I don't know which one are you talking about." I think I said something like that one time...

"You're very serious and that's not your usual attitude. As your fiancée, I would like to know."

"So you're asking if we have a problem, as a couole right?" I nodded. She looked at the paper and put it down the looked at me who's standing in front of her.

"There really isn't any problem. Just throwing a tantrum." she said and continued working.

"Why?" and here I am again, being georgie pig.

"Just because." and here she is, blocking me. I want the sweet Candy back! I was about to hold her hand but someone patted my back. I looked behind and saw Amber with crossed arms.

"Back to work prez." she smirked and I blankly looked at her. I went to my desk, sat on the chair and stared at the monitor.

"Psh. Did I do something wrong?" I said to myself. I'll just talk to her later.


Is what I said but, she's been avoiding me all day! I tried persuading and even forcing Amber to tell me something but all she say is she's loyal to Candy!

Argh! I'm pissed off. I cannot pass a day when someone is making me uneasy!

I am now at the parking lot, annoyed. I should just kidnap her.

"Bro, you should just let her be. She'll talk to you once she's cooled." I looked at where the voice came from.

"If it isn't Cole Evans, who else might it be?" I said.

"Way to say hello really."

"Why didn't you attend your classes?" I asked, not minding this officer of the student council.

"I've been observing and I've noticed that you and your fiancée are a little distant."

"Tss. She is cool right now, as in shivering cold. And I can't seem to be the warm coat."

"Hmm...kidnap her." he suggested.

"I was about to. Oh she's here. Come and help me." I said. I was about to approach her when Cole stopped me. His hand is on my shoulder.

"I know you're crazy but don't do that to your girl. Just give her some space for now. Talk to her tomorrow."

"Why the heck are you suspended for days?"

"Don't change the topic man."

"Don't barge into my personal life like you used to dude." I faced him and he faced me.

"Don't tell me you're still blaming me for what happened between you and Darlene?"

"I did not blame you, I hate you for being stupid." I said and approached Candy. She was a bit startled when she saw me and was about to run away but I hugged her.

"Let's talk tomorrow if you can't right now." I said as I let go of her. I pinched her cheek before I walked away and went inside the car.

But as I went in, I saw Cole, walking towards Candy. Argh. I went outside the car and gently pulled Candy beside me.

"Now Cole, I hope you won't overstep yhe boundaries." I said as I gritted my teeth.

"Cane and I know each other since I'm also a part of the student council. What's wrong with saying, long time no see?" Cole said in an innocent manner. I just sighed. I caught a glimpse of my brother-in-law.

"Canederlein, your brother is here. I'll bid my goodbye then." I said without looking at Candy. I just walked towards my car and went inside. I started the engine and drove my way out of the campus.