6 5: The Ex

Aldrein's POV

I'm playing with the swivel chair when Candy interrupted me.

"Drei, since you've got nothing better to do come with me." I didn't look at her and continued swinging myself on the swivel chair.


"Let's go on a date." I immediately stopped and looked at her.


"You heard it well prez. It's not the kind of date that you're thinking though."

"A tour around school?"

"Nope. Buying materials for the first year's acquintance party."

"Let the faculty staff--" she pulled my hand, trying to make me stand up.

"They gave us a whole day to buy materials, come on, I wanna buy a manga book!" She let go of me and placed both of her hands on her hip.

"So that's your real purpose for accepting that bothersome request."

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"Come on, please hon?" I stopped doing anything and stood up.

"Hon? You seriously called me hon?"-me

"Please, hon?" she said, being puppy like.

"Argh. Fine." I said and intertwined my hand with hers.

"But don't do that again, it's dangerous." I said as we walked out of the student council office.


It's a good thing that my gun cannot be detected by this detector they have in this mall. We went straight for food.

"What do you like? Fastfood or resto?"-Candy

"Fastfood. I want to go to that red and yellow bee who doesn't have a sting and has a hat that looks like--"

"I already know it's jollibee. No need to describe further."

"Well, I thought we aren't supposed to say brand names."


"Who'll be the one to order food?" I asked.

"You. I'll find a vacant table."

"I can't win right?" she nodded. "What's your order madame?"

"Large fries, vanilla sundae, coke, and mashed potato." I nodded and she left to look for seats. Wait a minute...my wallet. I touched the pocket of my pants and thank goodness it's here.

What did she order again? I texted her and she replied back.

From: Candy Cane

Large fries, vanilla sundae, coke, mashed potato and...wait can I order the hunk over here?

I looked everywhere and saw the hunk she's talking about.

"Sir what's your order?" I looked at the cashier in front of me. Oh, she's pretty.

"Large fries, vanilla sundae, coke, two mashed potato, spaghetti with chicken, and pineapple juice." after that, she repeated my order.

"Hmm, can I order you?" she looked at me in a weird way.


"Can I rent an employee here? My fiancée seems to have an interest on a guy named Forest." I paid for the food.

"Certainly not sir." she gave me the receipt, my change, and a number (the one with a stand) that helps them to look for whose order it is. She prepared a few food available at the moment and told me to wait for my order on my table. I picked up the tray and went to Candy.

"I'll get the spoons and forks." she stood up as I sat down and went back later on.

"What's with the smile?" I asked.

"The hunk I told you earlier already has a girlfriend and that gf of his is the cashier right there." she pointed at the cashier...oh she's the same cashier as earlier.

"So what are you happy about?" I asked while eating some of her fries.

"Hey that's mine! I'm happy because my ship is sailing! Those two are great combinations."

"Uh-huh." I said as I picked another fries, dipped it in her sundae, and ate it.

"Seriously, you should've bought fries and a sundae. Uhm...I overheard. You killed the bully?" she hesitantly asked.

"Yeah. He's annoying." I guess she's still afraid of me.

"How did you kill him?" this time, I looked at her. And I was a bit confused on her imaginary sparkly eyes and on how excited she is.

"Later. You might not be able to eat."

"It's that brutal?! Oh geez! I'm so excited!" she shrieked softly and quietly. How cute. I slightly pinched her cheeks.

"You're really so cute." I said out loud. She blushed a bit.

Our food came in and none of us talked while eating.


We bought the materials after eating. We put those things in the car and went back to the mall to shop.

"Where the hell can you find a manga here? As I recall, bookstores don't sell those kind of things." I said while scanning thw whole area.

"There! They sell anime merchs and that includes mangas!" She pulled me and went inside the shop.

"What's with this guy with a strawhat?" I asked while looking at a keychain.

"Oh, that's Monkey D. Luffy from an anime series called One Piece."

"Is it the one that never ends?"

"Haha. Maybe yes. It already has 900 episodes." she said as she picked up a manga.

"What's with mangas though? Didn't know you're an otaku (anime addict)."

"Well now you know. Mangas are like novels. I'm interested in these kinds of things." I looked at the manga that she's holding. Fifty Murders of Mine is the title.....

"Mangas have pictures right?" I asked. She nodded. Then that means she likes seeing murders and bloody corpses? No wonder her eyes sparkled when I mentioned that I killed someone.

"Let me hold those for you."-me

"Oh thank you." she gave me the three mangas. I read the title of the other two.

"Psychotic Stalker and...Crimes of A Butcher." I smiled and chuckled. Ahh, how I love this lady.

"What are you looking at?" oh, I didn't notice that I'm already staring at her.

"I'm just wondering where you got the money to buy these expensive books. As far as I remember, Yulo (Cane's bro) isn't from a rich family. Ahh...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you."

"It's okay, I want you to know about me anyway." *thump* Oh geez.

"My brother gave me money just to buy stuffs like these. He knows that I like mangas. Where did he got the money? From killing people. His reward is big so it isn't a problem. He's really cool!"

"You're okay with him killing those people?" I asked out of curiosity. I know she likes murders but it's not enough of a reason.

"I'm cool with it. People die everyday. As long as he only kills the bad guys, I won't hate him. I love him so much that I can't wait a single say of not talking to him after a fight." I patted her head and ruffled her hair for a bit.

"Hey hey! Not the hair." she glared at me after saying that. I just chuckled.

"Let's look for more." I said and we continued shopping. We went back to school after lunch.

"I'll be at the studio. Prepare for a meeting." I said to Candy and she nodded. She went back to the SCO and I went to the studio.

"Good afternoon. Can I make an announcement?" I asked the president of the visual arts club who's sitting pretty on a swivel chair.

"Sure." she said. I rearranged the position of the microphone and she arranged those buttons, whatever it is called.

"Good afternoon students. Sorry for disturbing your classes. I request all of the officers and members of the student council to be in the conference room of the SCO right now. Please don't walk like a turtle. Thank you."

I sat down on a chair here and took out my phone.


"Yes?" I said without looking at her.

"Are the rumours true?"

"What exactly? There are so many rumours about me so it's hard to determine which."

"Seriously. It's about the relationship between you and the secretary."

"What relationship?"


"Hmm..yup. She's my fiancée."

"Oh...girls will cry."

"Including you?" I looked at her. She turned off the power switch connected to the equipments here in the studio.

"Don't make me laugh. I'm not an idiot to fall for a murderer."

"But you fell back then right? Ms. ex?" yeah, she's my ex girlfriend who dumped me after knowing the truth. I couldn't kill her because I care for her family.

"Argh. I'm stupid and naive back then. I swear I'll find those freaking evidences and make you go to jail." I stood up.

"I dare you Darlene Alfonse." I was about to turn my back on her but she spoke.

"If I can't make you admit your crimes, I'll use that fiancée of yours." I glared at her and looked intensely at her.

"Just because I can't kill you does not mean that I can't hurt you. One wrong move and I'll lock you forever in a torture chamber." she's shaking but she still spoke.

"L-let me see you try." I smiled like a cheshire cat and laughed in a sarcastic way.

"Let's see." I left her and went back to the face of a president..

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