Wrong Marriage?!: Spirited Away Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Wrong Marriage?!: Spirited Away


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"Your daughter will bring you great riches and fortune in the future." So said the Fortune Teller to a poor Pregnant Mother who was wondering whether or not she and her husband could afford to raise her. She had yet to tell her husband of pregnancy and was debating whether or not to go through with raising a child... The woman kept the child. And as the fortune teller predicted her daughter debuted as an idol, delivered their family from poverty. Modeling, singing, acting there was nothing this child could not do. But the mother became concerned. Her child was so busy she did not have time to pursue relationships. And so, at the age of nineteen, the Mother brought her child back to the same fortune-teller. The second time, the Fortune teller had only this to say, "This child's destined one doesn't exist in this world." Support me on amazon, buy my Short Read, "Dream of a cabbage spirit" on amazon or read it for free if you can't afford it and leave a review! Thanks so much in advance!