1 Tristan

Do you think modern society is fair ?

Living in 20xx they said all of us are free and equal,but is that true? There is a certain individual that his answer is NO.

There is a guy living at that so called current modern society in the country of Philippines where as they call it land of smiles, Filipino's are known for their bright attitude and friendliness but one say not all can smile where there is a barrier called society where skin color and religion or beliefs will discriminate against you and his name is Tristan, he was an outcast of society in other words bottom feeders, failures of society.

He became an adult and aged with just experience and knowledge that he got while time chips away at his life but no means he was a load off just weighing it harder for society it's just that, the so- called equality and fair are not really true but just an illusion made up by the guys who stood atop of the world so that we could believe it while they gain all of the riches and fame.

There is a saying the victors always hold the future

This is the story of how Tristan changed and broke the barrier so-called society.

If he was just a load to society then wouldn't be called the star who ruled over Asia the man who Conquered Half of the world named King Asterio Pacifico he was a genius and a great strategist that came up with conquering without shedding blood and by any means he was no Tyrant.


Ahh think of It I lived my life without doing anything to contribute to the world I never went out and enjoyed my life going out with friends falling in love going on outing with co-workers speaking of work I haven't stayed long on any of the work that I have worked on . How can I blend with others when there is the so called discrimination of society not that I am discriminated but I am cast away by others thats why I never got a chance to have friends , speaking of friends I havent got many friends during my teenage days too , I remember that time when my teacher basically laughed at me when I decided to run for Student governer during college, even though I am the one who helped my classmates to run for their wanted positions in the end they just used me and the teacher knows it well all I have is my so-so knowledge after all even if I have a high score on exams and perfect points on every subject. I only have my knowledge and knowing that they are only coming to me if they need something like answers. I have been socially awkward since birth because I grew up with just my grandmother and she died when I was about to start 3rd grade in elementary only leaving me money that my grandfather saved during his working days so that I could live on, my father is a womanizer and my mother is poor so she can't support me so she decided to ask my grandmother to take care of me and she disappeared not knowing where she went but my grandmother said she went and found a new husband.

When I was a child my grandmother makes me read books everyday in the afternoon and teaches me how to do house chores such as cooking ,cleaning and daily necesities. So when she died those things that she left me was the only thing I have adapted to. I havennt made any friends at school I sat on the corner of the room reading fairy tales that I borrowed at the school library and wait till the sound of bell to ring wanting to go home thats how my day usually goes.

During high school was the same but there was an incident where I was always bullied because they wanted to copy my homework but I didn't want to. Going to school studying and just knowing to get bullied for it made me want to stop going and only stay at home. Then one day there I met her, it was my usual aftrnoon during class that the guys in my class wanted to copy my homework then again was bullying me even taking my school lunch and snacks. She warned the guys who was bullying and harassing me, she was my first love a daring woman who stands up for the weak she was my ideal person her name is Klara my classmate but I didn't have the courage to talk to her but she was always helping me out but then one day, one of the guys pushed Klara away from me when they are asking for my notes then my patience snapped I pushed away the guy and it became a fist fight "what do you expect I got beaten to a pulp"and the teacher got a hold of what happened then the teacher called us to the office and I explained what happened,then what happened next was the the truth of the world if you don't have anyone no one will believe you. The teacher dismissed the guy who pushed Klara got 1 week suspended. While I got to call my parents since I got no guardian I told my teacher that I have no one to call so she called me a liar and that was just an excuse that I made because I didn't want to call my parents in the end I got suspended after that I hated the school and transferred to another school to start again. Then I graduated without seeing Klara again.

4 years have passed I have graduated highschool and decided to take Culinary course where you can cook good food which is what my grandma taught me how to do I remembered how she made delicious meals for me so I decided to follow her foot steps. Then in my 2nd year in Culinary I was scrolling down on my social media and I saw that Klara died from an illness. I was so sad to hear that news I regreted not even thanking her for what she did for me during high school and I went to class being in pain knowing that my first love the person who I looked up to and my goal died. I wasn't paying attention in the class so I messed up the recipe and my professor got mad at me and curse then me who was clearly in a bad mood I snapped easily then I cursed at him too. I was so angry at him that I threatened him after class, I wasn't at the right mind when I said that which resulted to me being suspended and haven't even graduated properly because of that incident, luckily I finished all my subjects and got my certification that I passed all my culinary exams.

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