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Tamina Pen

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I was born from two opposite blood: good and evil. Actually, there are three of us. The cursed triplets they say. Possesses powers that everyone fears. But good for my siblings, they only possessed one side of our parents. One is good and one is bad. While me? Both. So sometimes, I can't control the powers I have. That's why they separated me from my two sisters. They took me away from them, trained me to control my powers, punish me if I do something wrong, enrolled me in a school where everyone's threatened to me, bullied me, hurt me. But it's okay. I didn't want to get hurt so I just let it go. Until I couldn't take it anymore. One day, I made the best mistake in my life. I was sent to exile, never to return again. And I was happy. I lived far away from them, yet I was treated the same. Until I met Storm Gabriel Isaac. Everything has changed. Or so I thought. Because the person whom I thought changed me, was also the same as I am. A wretched man.