2 The Party

Yamamoto's POV

"Well it is a pleasure to meet you Bethany." I said taking a bow.

"Yeah, okay." She started walking away to the dining hall

'Oh wow so she calls ME rude." I thought to myself and began walking to the dining hall as well.

I see about 10 people, it was surprising to see an old lady here though.

??? : "Welcome everyone! It is a pleasure to meet all of you!"

??? 2 : "The pleasure is all mine." One of the men said taking a bow

??? 5 : "Why the hell is there only three girls?"

??? : "Haha, anyways, I am your party host Brian. Please introduce yourselves in a circle."

??? 2 : "My name is Louis."

??? 5 : "Amy."

Bethany : "It's Bethany."

??? 4 : "The name's Nick."

??? 6 : "Hermin."

Yamamoto : "I'm Yamamoto."

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??? 7 : "Penny." Said the old lady

??? 9 : "Merengue."

??? 8 : "Thomas"

??? 10 : "Luca"

Brian : "Now that that is settled, let's eat. Bertrude bring in the food please!"

Bertrude : "Yes, sir."

Brian : "Ah i am very sorry, i haven't introduced Bertrude yet. Well, this is Bertrude, he will be helping me with our little party. Fun fact, he was in the Russian War.." His voice trailing off, i looked at the man's face and honestly, he just looked like a grumpy cat. I gulped realizing he had a gun.

The food was placed on the table. "Well let's dig in my friends." said Brian, we all started eating but Bethany wasn't eating at all.

Brian : "Oh whatever is the matter Bethany?"

Bethany : "Oh, i'm a vegetarian."

Brian : "I see.."

Bethany : "Yeah, i can just take a salad."

Brian : "We don't have salads." He said sort of yelling

Bethany : "Oh well then i'm fine i had a big lunch."

Brian : "Well friends, we have our first would you rather question."

Everyone but Brian and Bertrude : "Huh?"

Brain : "Bethany. Would you rather eat the steam for 10k or have a gun shoved up your throat."

Bethany : "..."

Brian : "You have 50 seconds, it's an obvious answer my dear."

Bethany mumbles to herself and starts eating the steak, eventually puking it out.

Penny : "You know, being vegetarian is just what the government wants you to be.."

Bethany glares at her and her wrinkles just move around saying "what did i do."

Brian : "Well then, that is an example of how tonight will go..." His voice trails off again when he noticed that Nick wasn't drinking the wine.

Brian : "Nick. Do you not like the wine?"

Nick : "Oh i stopped drinking."

Brian : "Ah, i see. Nick. Would you rather drink the glass of wine for 20k or drink the whole bottle for 100k. You have 20 seconds."

Nick took a gulp and muttered "i'm sorry" and started drinking the whole bottle.

Brian starting laughing like a maniac "Now THAT is how tonight will go.."