98 97: Changing Genres

With Stark having deep injuries and Arturo was blown away to Khorne knows where Ren had to find the latter before bringing him back and healing Stark. Arturo had a powerful healing factor so he was just unconscious from the force of the attack even though his body was fully healed.

Among all the members of the Moon Corps, he was the only one who was skilled with kaido to the point that he could heal the deep injuries that Stark had sustained without leaving a scar.

After making sure that both of them were fine and good, Ren left them in the middle of the Dungeon. The pair's life was no longer in danger, Arturo's never having been in danger in the first place, so he could leave them without worry.

Ren had returned to his room and walked into his 'bathroom' to see Tier was already there. What should have been a normal bathtub was instead a large, Olympic-sized swimming pool. Tier had already stripped her clothes and was swimming in the pool.

Seeing the curves of her body, Ren felt a fire ignite within him. He took off his clothes as well and jumped into the pool as well to douse the fire within his soul. Ren waited at one end of the pool for Tier to return to his side. In her element, it was nearly impossible to catch the woman.

Almost crashing into Ren's chest, Tier finally stopped swimming and looked at Ren. Turning around, she leaned into Ren's chest as she found his heartbeat comforting.

"I've been training non-stop for a week. I need a good nap."

As if his heartbeat was a lullaby, Tier soon fell asleep in the pool leaving Ren no choice but to support the naked woman to make sure that she did not drown.

'Wait. She is part-shark. Can she even drown?'

Unwilling to risk it and also unwilling to risk waking up the woman, Ren had no choice but to remain still as his lover slept soundly in his arms. Ren had even summoned two tree branches to support and wrap around his legs so that he would not have to kick to stay afloat in the pool in the off chance that would wake the woman.

As she slept Ren thought about the future of his forces and what would happen much later down the line. With his army of Arrancar, Shinigami, and Asura, Ren could do practically anything he wanted. As for what he would do in the future, that was not safe to say.

-- Soul Society --

In a dark and creepy laboratory, a man with purple, blue, and white paint on his face was sitting in front of a large cylinder filled with pink water. Inside the water, white goo could be seen floating randomly through the water. Some parts of the goo even looked like a face if one looked closely.

"Interesting! Very interesting!"

The doors to the lab opened as Yamamoto and Urahara entered along with their vice-captains to see what was going on. It had been 5 years since Ren had left Soul Society and killed Aizen. Ever since then, there had been a few big changes.

Hikifune had been promoted to the Royal Guards 2 years prior and Urahara took over as captain of the 12th division. Urahara made the reliable Akon his lieutenant and kept Mayuri as the 3rd seat of the division. A few captains had been changed around in the past 5 years as well. A new Kenpachi had even been decided during that time.

But during those 5 years, one mystery remained. One that the 12th and 2nd divisions were trying very hard to solve.

"Mayuri. Have you come any closer to figuring out why Ren had killed officer Sosuke?" Yamamoto asked. Kisuke was an expert in many things and his genius would have him answer almost any question eventually. But with him being captain and needing to lead the SRDI, Yamamoto assigned Mayuri to look into the remnants of Aizen's soul to figure out Ren's motive.

Mayuri let out a chilling and creepy laugh that disturbed both Akon and Chojiro. Urahara and Yamamoto just stared at the mad scientist until he regained his focus.

"Did I find anything out? I found out so much! But explaining it all would be a waste of time for the 3 of you since your intellect would not understand my genius. I can explain the basics of what you want to know though.

This Aizen was a truly dangerous fellow. His reiatsu would have been twice that of most captains. I'd say that the only ones who would have been able to beat this man with pure reiatsu are, you captain-commander and Captain Ren.

I can also tell that this man was someone who would be able to converse with me as well. From the fragments of his soul that we have stopped from entering the cycle of reincarnation, this man had intelligence that would make me keep my guard up around him.

Lastly, his zanpakuto. Even though I can't tell the exact abilities, this was a weapon that could manipulate a person's senses. As for which senses and how much he could control them, I have no idea.

But using all 3 of these as clues, I think it is safe to assume that Captain Ren..."

"Former captain," Chojiro interrupted.

Mayuri turned to look at him and shot him a glare filled with disdain.

"That man still strikes fear into me and I do not even fear the captain-commander. I'm afraid calling him anything other than captain will end up with my head on a stick due to the pressure I have felt from him. I will call him as I please.

As I was saying, captain-commander, Captain Ren was most likely afraid of Sosuke Aizen's potential. I don't know how he found out about Aizen Sosuke's potential but any other guess would make no sense. Captain Ren must have thought that Aizen Sosuke would get in the way of whatever he is planning."

Urahara and Yamamoto looked disturbed. One because the man they were talking about was the former's teacher. Having thought to have known Ren's mind and have an excellent understanding of him, Urahara could not understand what plans Ren had in mind that he would need to kill a potential captain in order to get away with them.

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Yamamoto looked disturbed because it was him who asked Ren to pretend to desert. He knew Ren needed a reason but in order for Ren to accurately kill someone with Aizen's potential, he could not have done that research in a single day. Ren had to have been watching Aizen for years.

'What else does he know? What other plans does he have? It might have been wrong for me to not lead the other captains and hunt him down like they wanted to before.'

Thinking that Ren was still on his side before, Yamamoto risked his reputation with the captains and Central 46 when he did not let them pursue Ren 5 years prior. But after finding out why he killed Aizen, Yamamoto began to doubt Ren and himself.

Both captains were silent and left the room with their lieutenants in tow and in silence. Seeing the others leave, Mayuri turned around and faced the vat once more. Kneeling down, Mayuri pulled out his zanpakuto from a hole in the bottom of the vat. One could see some pink water dripping off the blade.

'If you had a power that even Captain Ren feared, then I don't mind using your soul to modify my zanpakuto. Next time I meet that demon, I will make sure he regrets the day he threatened me.'

-- 2nd Division --

Three blurs moved around. All of the men and women dressed in the Onmitsukido uniform watched in shock as they tried to keep up with the battle. This was a battle between the current head of the Shihoin clan, the future head of the Feng clan, and the future head of the Kuchiki clan.

The latter two were both much slower than the former and could barely block her attacks but they tried their best to hold on. It was not until 5 minutes later that both laid on the ground covered in injuries and breathing heavily.

Yoruichi stood above the two without a single drop of sweat on her body and with a relaxed smile on her face. It was not as if she was moving as fast as the wind just a moment ago but had instead taken a casual stroll.

"Good! Sui-Feng, you can pretty much beat all the other lieutenants except for that old man. As for you, Little Byakuya, you have a long way to go to catch up with your grandfather. You are only an early officer right now. The future head of the Kuchiki family can't be this weak after all. Neither of you is as strong as I was when I was your ages."

The pair looked at the cat woman with both respect and envy. Neither dared to say that the woman had been trained by one of the greatest shinigami ever and that was the reason she was much stronger than them at the same age. They knew that the fact that her teacher had betrayed Soul Society still bothered her.

Just as Yoruichi was about to keep teasing them, a black butterfly appeared near her face. Yoruichi let it land on her shoulder as she let it tell her a message. At that moment, the expression on her face changed.

Without saying a word to anyone, she flash-stepped over to the pair lying on the ground before using shunpo once again and disappearing from the 2nd division's training area.

'Damn! Why today of all days!?!? Let me mourn the day my teacher departed in peace!


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