4 Chapter 3

I wasn't sure if I should turn around and see who had said my name. Now thinking about it, I knew perfectly who it belongs to. As if I hadn't stopped listening to it since five years ago. I didn't know what to do. I was like a tree buried deep in the ground, only I was sitting in a chair with my daughter looking back at me smilling unaware of the fact that her father was right behind me.

"Aurora." He said again.

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I finally found the courage to turn around to see the man that broke my heart. He looks different. More handsome, and bulkier. I also noticed his thick stubble. Not seeing him for so long made him appear even more handsome. His hair is not styled as he used to before, now its longer and his curls are covering most part of his forehead, though they don't cover his eyebrows. "Hi." I didn't know what to say, to be very honest.

"Is that what you say to me? You now say "hi" to me after you left me. Where have you been? I have looked for you everywhere. I even hired one of the best private investigators in the world and they found nothing of you. Why? Tell me why you left me?" He said but instead of answering him I looked deep into his eyes, I miss waking up to see those beautiful honey orbs of his.

He was about to speak again but I cut him short. "Why did I leave you? You should know by now why I left you." I told him in a cold voice.

"No, I absolutely have no idea as in why you left me."

"Well, let me refresh your mind. That night I left, I had returned home to find the love of my life with another woman in our bed." I said loud enough for him to hear me and only him. I took a deep breath before continuing. "Is that enough for you to get the reason as to why I left you? Now let me ask you something. Was I not enough for you that you had to seek pleasure from somebody else?" I said trying to stay strong but ended up failing as my voice broke as I finished talking.

"Mommy, who is this man?" The small voice of Elle pulled me out of my trance. I turned back to look at her. I was about to answer her when Sebastion cut me off.

"Mommy?" He asked.

I decided to tell him the truth. "Yes, Sebastian. This is Ariella. No, let me rephrase that. Our daughter." He stood there looking at Ariella as if he had seen a ghost.

"Mommy, is that my daddy?" She asked me pointing at Sebastian who looked like he was still processing what I had told him.

"Yes, baby. This man right here is your daddy." As soon as I said this, she ran towards him and hugged his leg. Sebastian was looking down at her with tears in his eyes. He crouched down to pick her up and took her in his arms, he hugged her like his life depended on it. I watched at what was happening in front of me with tears in my eyes and I'm pretty sure the people who passed by, and were inside the cafe were also looking.

He put Ariella down just as my phone started ringing. I grabbed my phone from the small table and saw my dad's name come across. "Hey, dad."

"Aurora, where are you guys?" He said in a worried tone.

"Dad, we are okay. No need to get worried, alright. We are about to get a cab to head home now, so talk to you later when we arrive home."

"Alright, see you guys soon." He replyed.

I turned back to see Ariella and Sebastian looking at me. "You don't need to take a taxi. I can drive you guys there." He offered. Apperently he already forgot what we were talking about earlier.

"No, thank you."

"Come on, Ariella. We are leaving, we'll see your daddy another day." I said grabbing our stuff and signaling for a cab. I grabbed her hand and opened the door of the taxi getting our stuff inside, Ariella and myself, leaving Sebastian standing there.



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