Worlds Apart: Like Day And Night Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Worlds Apart: Like Day And Night


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It is believed that when two people are destined to be, no matter the circumstance they would always find their way back to each other. Two separate worlds will collide. Two different characters will be united as one. Is an entire magical world where Alexa has come to know, this is her home. where she was born. But Alexa didn't like it here, she wanted to explore to know more. It gets more intriguing when she gets to find out about the borders of Froze kingdom. She became so eager to know what lies beyond and why does Froze kingdom has a border when they were the only ones in the world. When they have magic to protect themselves. Alexa: the only born child from a royal family, living in her world covered with nothing but ice. A princess whose powers are nothing compared to none is yet to uncover every secret from the past. It wasn't always easy as she tends to meet Davien from another world, where love came in, but this love was forbidden and shouldn't be practiced as the two worlds are never aligned. will this love stand or will a separation occur at last? Found out, In this fantasy story........


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