1 Introduction

Since birth Klyte WinterWood had always been faster than the other children. He learned to walk faster than the other toddlers and he learned to run twice as quickly. He had a small frame that wasn't frail but obviously wasn't sturdy either. He tried to exercise but it was to no avail. He had grown up in a small, poor village so it was hard to get access to proper nutrients while he was focusing on how to help out around the farm. Going to school was his only break from his continuous work schedule. While he sat slouching in his seat he took in all the information that he could. He would have to occasionally brush his long black hair out of his face but other than that school was very easy. He never had to worry about his family being killed because they weren't a part of the army or anything like that. All he worried about was working on the farm and doing well in school. Life was like a dream for young Klyte, but like every dream...it came to an end.

The life changing day started odd to begin with. The village courier actually showed up to the farm today with a message addressed to Klyte not his father Clyde nor his mother Klaudia. It read,

"Dear Klyte WinterWood,

The King has asked that every child over the age of 14 and under 18, come directly to the capitol in one weeks time. There is no exceptions. Bring weapons that you believe you are proficient in for the journey.

Thank you.

-The Scribe"

Klyte's mind was racing. He wasn't much of a fighter and if one was to access the situation rationally, then they would also come to the conclusion that, the king has issued a kingdom wide tournament. He had no choice in the matter they knew where he lived so there couldn't be any resistance unless he wished ill for his own family. Klyte knew that his family would insist for him to stay home and make the transition harder than what it must be, so he left without saying a word to his family. He smeared some goats blood over his pillows and left claw marks in his room to make it seem like he'd been eaten by a wolf of some kind. The ironic thing about this was that he'd been afraid of wolves since he was a child because everyone joked and said that he was so small that a wolf could finish him in a single bite. Klyte didn't know how his family would react to his disappearance but he knew that he loved his family and hoped that the family business ran smoothly without his, after all there was still his 3 older sisters and his older brother. He snuck out of his window that same night with nothing more than a sack full of old clothes and an old dagger that he found outside one day when he was about 10 years old. He turned around just in time to see his parents blow out there candle light and lay down. He took one last look at his home and began his journey into the woods. This was the day that young Klyte's tale began.