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Rage. That is all he could feel for years. He hoped that eventually this feeling could change to a need for justice but for now he just felt rage. Rage at the unknown, the murderers, and his own failure and inability to do anything about. In this post-apocalyptic Earth Andrew was born, wronged, and wanted more. After a few chance happenings and what can only be described as destiny and a birthright he stumbles across the answer to all his questions and feelings... the universes dark past. Will he be able to embrace his destiny and fight the impossible to help all life? Or will he fail just like those before him? Come enjoy this multi-world universe where the magical and impossible become the real and the scientific. Authors Note If anyone wants to make a Book Cover for me please leave comments concerning this on the chapter comments. Also if you found this novel and want it to go in a certain direction leave comments as well. 11/19/2019 I’m going to be focusing on writing a different story for now and won’t be returning to this one for awhile.


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