1 The little ghost toby!

The moon shines bright, and in the middle of nowhere where towering trees cover the area which gives it a desolating vibe.

"Waaaaah!" A loud shriek could be heard in a mansion house that is located in the middle of the forest, this mansion which comes straight from a horror movie is creepy enough even for the author. Much less hearing a shriek and at night at that!

"Who am I? Where is this?" Fang zheng look at his hands which were color white and he feels biting cold inside and he doesn't know where he is and can't remember who he was that was until,

a cold robotic voice echoed in his mind,[ System: You are in a mansion house that is said to be haunted, because of a tragic death of an 8-year-old boy named toby. ]

"Ahh! What! This information shocked him and leaves him confused, Then suddenly his head hurts as more information enters like a dam, making him hold to the cabinet next to him.

"I'm fang zheng your average joe, I got hit by truck kun! He said jokingly to comfort himself because of his current situation then continued, so I died and reincarnated!" Shouted by fang zheng, "and I have a cheat too like in those comic books I read, sigh I don't have much affection in my past life because of work and I had no friends. " he can't help but remember the misfortune of the past, but he put that in the back of his mind and thought, "so what this system will bring me?" Said fang zheng as he tried to not jump here and there because of excitement.

"Hello, system you there?" 5 seconds passed until it passed 1 minute, is this system like those I read in comics that said bring deaths upon its host?" Said fang zheng he can't help but laugh, "hahaha so be it! Being able to live again I will cherish it and live a happy life" he said with a smile on his face but his thoughts lied on him

"This system how do I activate it!?"

Thud! Thud! Thud! a harsh sound pulled him into the present and he wondered, "What is that noise?" Now that it's clear that I'm reincarnated, any place to start is no problem for me but in a haunted house.." fang zheng couldn't help but tighten his nerving nerves because of his situation, and to satisfy his curiosity he checked where the source of the noise which left him uncomfortable. And things got downright chilling!

The mansion house is huge and it has 15 rooms 1 living room 2 kitchen and 3 basements, inside of it there is almost no furniture, and fang zheng is on one of the rooms that the furniture left is the cabinet which had webs all over it and few cracks on the sides.

As fang zheng turned the knob to open the door, it makes a slow yet creepy sound which indicates the door must be old, "Hello! Anybody here?" Fang zheng shouted, but seeing no one answered back he feels terrible, so he continues to walk silently on the path leading to the room which he thought makes that noise, he hurried his steps because of the strange atmosphere that gives him a feeling as if someone is watching him.

When he was one step from the door, Thud! Thud! the sound continued, he gathers his courage and mutter "Okay this is it" fang zheng slowly opened the door making a creepy sound, then he stepped in, "why it's cold here?" Fang zheng whispers as his teeth are clattering due to the cold, then he observes his surroundings and thought "the room here is basically empty except the chair in the middle, the chair seemed the only one here that can create noises."

As he stepped up closer to inspect the chair, he noticed something in the corner of his vision that gave him the shivers! "That's my chair, wanna play with me?" A child's voice can be heard and because it's quiet it's clear what the child said, "oh I'm done! why there's a child in a mansion and in the middle of nowhere!?, wait toby? So this is the kid who died?" Fang zheng thought instantly.

Feeling creepy Fang zheng slowly turns around then he sees it, the child appearance like a porcelain doll its skin is pale like snow in the night, its eyes missing and two blood tears seemed to drip from his missing eyes.

"Ahhhh!" Fang zheng screamed and rushed outside of the room, and run as fast as he can, he stumbles there and here as he keeps his ultimate speed, "where are you going?" Shouted toby with a sad look on its face which appears to be so creepy that it will mark you for the last decades.

"Run faster! remember the Usain bolt tutorial on youtube!" As fang zheng continued to run, his chest expands and contracts as he chases his breath, his speed decrease but he continued to find his way out.

The sound of panting could be heard in the hallway, "where is the exit!?" Fang zheng is depressed about his current situation, Tik Tok tik tok!

Fang zheng jolted awake at the sound and quietly slowed his breath, 10 meters away from him on the side, one of the doors are open, and it seemed that was the only thing that can make him feels uncomfortable so he slowly walked.

As he steps into the room, he noticed the clock that causes the sound earlier also the room appears normal but this one has no furniture.

When he was about to leave he stood rooted to his spot, "I found you!" A white figure flashed then launched into him! It happened so fast it's equivalent to the speed of light x2.

"Nooo! What is happening to me this feeling as if I'm torn apart!" Fang zheng cried loudly the pain surge like a tide breaking his nerving will, just as he was thinking how unfortunate he was.

A cold voice that seemed to match that of an angel echoing in his mind.

[ System: Undetected energy! Scanning 0% Scanning 1% "System you really will be the cause of my death!" Shouted fang zheng grudgingly, as if hearing the whimper of its host.

[System: Scanning Complete. The host and the undetected ghost which it's identity is revealed is toby, merging of the soul..1...2...34...56..89..100% Complete. Host registered!]

The trumpet of heavenly angels seemed to spring in fang zheng heart! "Finally so I need registered stuff like this." Then the system issued a notification, [ System: Goal: 100m reputation or face eternal death!]

The mansion house which is now called the haunted house of toby will be getting a lot of visitors in the future as this will cause ripples in the paranormal circles but this will be in the future as our mc here is.

Loud cursing sounds keeps echoing inside of the mansion house, it scared the birds kissing on one of the branches in a towering tree, "okay as they said, the wise adapt to circumstances! System what do I do?" Fang zheng got tired of cursing at the system all night instead he ask more information.

[ System: you are now a ghost. To gain points you need to absorb negative energy so scare them, young man! ]

"What young man! I'm already 33 years old in the body of a child which can scare your generations!" Replied fang zheng looking at his appearance is no different from toby, small body size like a child, pale white skin the only difference is that he had now two eyes, and the bloody tears seemed to vanish, overall the child is cute except for the bizarre atmosphere around it.

"Anyway system you seem amazing today!" Fang zheng praises this system hoping for some- [ System: this kind of method is what I despise! Anyway looking at your face which is no different from that of a beggar, ill give you a free spin! ]

"This system calling me beggar just wait" fang zheng thought "so can I see the items in the spin?" [ System: Yeah but you can forget to spin it. ] "this system really makes me want to transform into a werewolf and beat it to death!" Thought fang zheng but his actions lied to him.

"Alright awesome system can I spin it now?" Fang zheng smile reaches his ear dreaming about what kind of op stuff he will get?

[ System: congratulations! You obtained the legendary Red ink! you can now be a painter are you happy young man? ]

"What!? What happy you seem to be happy! What do I do with an ink!?" Fang zheng protested to the system, then continued "also where's the spin items? It's like there's no spin at all, it seemed you just decide on what item I get!"

[ System: There's a reason why it's called legendary red ink check the content young man! ]

"If this is not legendary I'll throw it in the lake then catch a fish so maybe I will get legendary redfish!" Thought fang zheng as he dreams a scene where he eats a redfish that's so delicious he can't help but gulp.

[ System mission activated! There are currently 3 people detected in the forest, high chances they will pay a visit to the mansion so be prepared to scare them! ]

"Ahh, redfish wait for me!" Fang zheng seemed to not hear the system as his mouth seemed to be eating something, [ System: 10 negative energy is needed to complete the mission! If you can't reach the number you will be punished from deep layers of hell! ] this time the system voice changed, it seemed as if the devil himself which oozes a cold atmosphere!

"I'm just kidding hehe! Alright, those people sure have guts, well the sun is setting down so they will have to stay the night here. kekekeke time to show my talent as a ghost!" Fang zheng makes his preparation and waits for them.

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