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World Scariness Ghost


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“A story about a ghost who wants to have a chat with people.” Said by a thin man, the children around him laughed,”if there’s really a ghost i will beat him to a pulp!” Said by a 9 year old boy, his fist clenched as though he will really fight. “Kikikiki!” The sudden sound makes the kid jump! “Ahahah! I thought you’re brave?” Said the thin man with a playful smile on his face. All the children laughed as they talked about ghost stories. In a certain corner: “I want to fight the kid stop me!” System: “scaring a child will get your points deducted!” Fang zheng: “ahh! Being a ghost is tough!” Follow fang zheng to a journey that will make him the World Scariness Ghost! ----- Check my other novel: Tsundere Angel Want a friend? > Fallingleaf#1121


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