124 The Top of the Mountain

It took a few hours for him to get to the top of the mountain. The sun went down, and it was dark by the time he got the the peak of the entire secret realm. 

If it was the day, he would have enjoyed the brilliant scenery that was the jungle. 

But the moonlight still gave him a wonderful view of the entire jungle, and he could see that the forest didn't have any landmarks. Surely, the developers wouldn't make the exit impossible to find. 

And the problem was that he couldn't even find a boss as he looked around. Every single territory was clearly marked, with every dinosaur in their place. No dinosaur dared cross these invisible lines that Jake had already mapped out in his head. 

But he could not find a single true boss of this entire forest. 

He looked down at the peak. He had studied the peak itself, in it's two by two dimensions, and there was certainly nothing there. 


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