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"So, what are you doing, Michael? Where are you in the game?" Jake smiled as he entered the kitchen.

Michael was rummaging through the pantry, taking out all the chocolates and sweets that he could find. As a kid, what else would excite him?

Even in the game, sweets and the like would only cost money that he did not have. So seeing all of these in front of him, he could not resist.

"Do not eat too many. Don't worry, I will always get you more. Now, tell me where you are in the game." Jake dragged a chair nearer to Michael and sat on it.

"I'm in that kingdom that mom and dad are in. They told me to go to some school that the government is putting for kids to teach us about how to behave in this online world, and how to use the features." Michael started spewing full everywhere.

"Don't talk while you are eating." Jake shook his head.

Michael nodded and turned away, taking out another packet of biscuits, he indulged himself.

"I meant you should stop eating and start talking with me!" black lines appeared on Jake's forehead.

"Oh!" Michael quickly drank a little water and swallowed all the food, looking back at his big brother.

"Then, they are teaching you how to get accustomed to the online world, are they? Good. After you are done, you, mother, and father are going to stay together, aren't you?" Jake asked.

"Mom told me that a guild is hiring in the Swenson Kingdom, and even I can become a part-time member in that kingdom. Actually, she wanted to ask you where you were as well." Michael suddenly realized and asked.

"Do not worry about me. I am taking care of things. Look around. Everything is fine, isn't it? So then, you are going to the Swenson Kingdom, aren't you? What class are you?"

"I am a mage. The teacher said that is was better for the smaller children not to take the front line classes, as we were not big enough. A lot of my friends didn't listen though. I always thought that being a mage was cool, so I took that." Michael said.


The doorbell suddenly rang. At this late, Jake wasn't sure who rang the doorbell.

"Stay here. I will go check it." Jake said, knitting his eyebrows.

He went up to the door and checked the camera. Behind the door, three men were standing, clad from head to toe in protective camouflage gear, and guns in each's hand.

"The military!" Jake realized as he quickly opened the door.

"You are the new residents of Star Three?" the primary soldier asked with a husky voice. He sized up the young-looking Jake and didn't think much of it.

"Where are your parents? I want to talk to the new purchaser," he said.

"I am the one who bought the house, officer," Jake replied.

"You bought the house? This is a pretty big house. Would go for a few million dollars, easy. How did you get that money?" the soldier to the right asked with a quite accent heavy and pessimistic voice.

"I found a large swath of gold in the World Online, Sir. I have the online transaction here." Jake quickly brought up his phone.

Going through it, the primary officer, who clearly seemed to be the leader, nodded.

"Alright. Now that is out of the way. Show me your logs. Are you spending more than half of the week within the game?" the officer asked.

"Yes sir. So is the rest of the family registered here. My parents are still in the game though," Jake said as he showed the logs on the Nova app on his phone.

"And do you have any children below the age of three in the house?" the officer asked.

"I still don't know why we keep asking this, sir. Who would want a child to enter a world like this?" the second officer chuckled, but the primary one did not even so much as flinch.

"Do you have any children below the age of three in the house." the officer repeated.

"We do not, sir." Jake shook his head.

"Good. Let's keep going. We have the whole block to finish." the officer said, and the three soldiers turned around and left.

Jake closed the door hastily and sighed with relief. One could never know with those who held the power. They could manhandle it, and it would not be easy to resist.

"What happened, brother? Who was it at the door?" Michael came up to Jake.

"Nobody. It was nobody. Now, why don't you go back to the game? You should become a good mage. I will talk to mom and dad though. They should try and find a kingdom that is better than the Swenson Kingdom." Jake said.

"Sure. I was just here for the break." Michael nodded and picked up another box of chocolates on his way up to his room.

"Things are progressing way too fast. I need to start getting more members so that I can prepare myself for when the tower opens. I just hope that all the right people have heard about the guild recruitment." Jake thought to himself as he closed up the pantry, cleaning after Michael.

"And I should make sure that Michael doesn't get addicted to the chocolates. Soon enough, I need to get the whole family exercising." Jake noted as he grabbed a bar and headed up as well.


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