35 Infinite Pines

Jake raised his hand and everyone moved aside to give way to the person who had just spoken. It was a middle-aged man.

Calling him a middle-aged man would be a stretch though. After all, he was pretty well built and looked like he was in his mid-thirties. But the scars on his face and his uncovered shoulders meant that he had the same scars in real life.

This was someone who was quite the thug in the real world. Jake squinted, trying to see who it was that just spoke. He tried to recognize him, but not everyone was going to be famous in the future.

The crowd parted, trying to look at the person who already had a Rare class just a week or two into the game. With everyone struggling to get these classes, and the opportunities being so far and few, just the best of the best were getting to that stage so early.


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