151 Evil Beasts (1)

The moment that they heard that, everyone tensed up. They were finally going to face the first wave of monsters. 

This was the biggest problem in the Evil Lands. Endless hordes of evil beasts that were nothing like the normal beasts. They never fought each other. 

The Evil Lands did not have the law of the jungle. Instead, every single evil beast seemed to answer to a higher power. And the highest power was someone that every player would eventually get acquainted with. The Evil God.

Jake knew not to make the mistake of mistaking him for the devil. That was another existence in the game that was also a god, but much stronger, and was completely enraged by players who thought of him as the same as the Evil God. 

Beside him, he could see Annie's mouth moving slightly. All he could hear was murmurs, but the book that was in her hands started glowing. 


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