11 Against the Queen's own guards!

Jake took a step back.

"Are you going to kill me?" the queen suddenly asked with a terrified look. She heard what the other guard had said, and now, she couldn't be sure who to trust.

"Do not worry, Your Highness. If there is one person who wants you here alive, it is me. I will make sure that you will get to safety." Jake smiled at her and looked at the other guards who were slowly approaching him with apprehension.

"Do you really want to fight against the crown? The king will not forgive you for this." Jake tried to scare them off.

"What did you drink and come? The king had died almost five years ago. Why else would people try and kill the queen? Look at this fool. How did he manage to kill the commander?" one guard laughed.

Although the betraying side had a few casualties, since they attacked the guards with no warning, the loyal guards had no time to prepare. They fell like dominos.

Jake was fighting an uphill battle.

"Whirlwind slash!"

He dashed into the middle of the enemy lines and his sword arm started twirling around at an incredible pace. The sword struck down many of the people around him.

[Critical Hit!]

[Critical Hit!]

[-7682 HP]

The HP of the guards kept dwindling. Although they were trying to counteract, Jake didn't give them a chance. He knew that the moment he went on the defensive, he would be fighting a losing battle.

So, he risked it all on a gamble.

"Sword burst!"

The sword in his hand suddenly had multiple afterimages.

It pierced the bodies of every guard around him, and struck only the vital points. One by one, the guards started falling down.

The ten guards who had attacked Jake slowly dwindled, and only one was still left standing.

"You bastard. How dare you betray us. Master will not forgive you." the guard spat on the ground.

"I will gladly accept his challenge then. I wonder, who is this master?" Jake smiled.

"You really lose your mind. To think that you would forget the kind hand that raised you. You shall rot in hell!" the guard said as he rushed towards Jake with his sword raised up.

"So many openings." Jake shook his head.

He let his sword fly, and the guard fell to his knees.

Crouching next to the fallen soldier, he whispered in his ears.

"Tell me, and I will give you a quick death. Who is the master that you serve?"

"I will never tell anything to a traitor!" the guard shouted.

Jake took the sword and struck it down the opening of armor in the leg. The guard screamed with pain. This was just too much to bear. The NPCs in the game could feel actual pain, and this made the experience even more realistic.

"I will tell you, I will tell you." the guard caved in almost instantly.

"The Prime Minister! The prime minister! He is the one that did this!" he shouted.

Jake hesitated for a moment. He felt something wrong with this. So, he turned the sword again.

"Aaaargh! How did you know? I knew that you were lying. You didn't lose your mind at all, didn't you?" the guard laughed like a crazy person.

"I can't get any thing useful out of him." Jake just took out his sword and gave him a swift death. Then, he glanced at the remaining guards.

The loyal guards triumphed over the rest, and were looking at Jake with haggard faces.

"The bandits might arrive at any moment. We cannot even stop for a moment now. Let us get going! The queen's carriage should leave earlier than the rest, and you should stall the bandits." Jake gave the commands and hopped onto the rider position of the horses.

He glanced once at the rider, and the rider shivered. Seeing the display that Jake had given, there was no way that he would not listen to him.

Jake smiled and he grabbed the reins.

"Your Highness, I will take you to safety," he said and took out the map that was in his inventory the whole time. Of course, this was the inventory of the body that he had taken hold of and not his own.

Conveniently, there was a point that denoted where they were, and another blue pin, which was probably where they need to go.

"To the capital city of starlight kingdom then?" he asked.

There was no response from the carriage, so he only assumed that it was true.

He pulled on the reins, and the two horses that were carrying this carriage started moving forward. As a henchman for a guild, he was familiar with the skill of horse riding. In fact, he was delegated to being the coachman of the guild master of the Shadow King guild for a while.

He put those horrible memories aside and continued the journey. The guards just remained behind, struck with confusion. They didn't understand what was going on.

"Now that there is no one with us, can you please clarify your intentions regarding me? You have successfully made sure that I don't have a single guard near me. I don't even have a weapon. My three maids are also the most beautiful in all the lands. So then, what do you want with me?" the queen spoke from inside the carriage.

"You are jesting. I have no ulterior motives. I just want to protect you, for it is my mission. And once that is over, I shall try my best to get rid of all the enemies that you have so that I can rest easy knowing that you are safe." Jake smiled and replied.

"Who are you. I would know someone who is strong enough to take ten guards on his own, as well as kill the commander. I would think that you are from the knight legion, but I know every face that I knighted." the queen asked.

"I... am a person who is here by circumstance. But please put that aside. I think my memories are a little scrambled. Why exactly did the king die? What are the problems in the kingdom?" Jake asked.

"You are an interesting person. And a weird one. I don't think that anyone here doesn't know the situation of the Starlight kingdom. Just who are you?" the queen asked.

"Some things are meant to be changed. I guess I am here to break the trend. Now, can you please tell me the political situation in the kingdom so that I can understand who is trying to kill you?" Jake asked again.


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