141 Advantages of the new Headquarters

When Jake and Myriad Arrows went through the streets, walking toward the gates where their new headquarters was supposed to lie, they could see it. 

Along with the thousands of people who were looking up in the skies, they also saw it. 

Even from a distance from the city gates, they could see a giant sign. It was not like a neon sign that felt cheap and attention grabbing. 

This was a simple sign that only had two words. 

Bright Horizon

And that was enough to make a message. This was not a hype train. This was a guild that was here to stay. 

As they kept walking, they could see the building that the sign was placed on. The giant building that would have cost tens of thousands of gold coins, but instead, cost nothing. 

It was old fashioned. Like a castle, but not quite. A castle would be taller, larger, and much more majestic. This was more like the duke's mansion. 

But one thing was certain. It was not an ordinary building. 


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