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World of Warcraft: Stormsong


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A sudden tempering in the fate of the universe led to innumerable changes; one such thing is the transmigration of a soul to another dimension. This, however, did not slip through the eyes of towering beings that rule their own domains in this dimension, deeply attracting their interests. His unusual soul and the future it had shown prove fatal to some of their plans, and they will do everything to influence such variable. Daniel is his name, and both the blood of the Stormsongs and Arathi runs deep in his veins. The strength and power of his ancestors shall embolden his own, and with it, came responsibility from oaths of old. [A rewritten version of the previous one] This fanfiction is an alternate timeline that may alter known major events in the storyline due to the appearance of our MC and some changes are for the convenience of the mc and his story.


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