World-Hopping Assassin's Tactics
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World-Hopping Assassin's Tactics


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What is World-Hopping Assassin's Tactics

Read World-Hopping Assassin's Tactics novel written by the author zetsub0u_destroyeR on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, transmigration, tragedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


12 reincarnators and transmigrators from other worlds had grown too powerful so the gods had to kill them indirectly. They revived the opponents of those otherwordly people who were the most resentful, the most powerful, and the ones who had a 90% percent probability to kill them to be assassins who must kill these beings. The reward for completing this task is a second chance to live in luxury, absolute power, wealth, and a gift from the absolute God. Failure to assassinate will be existence erasure. No one will remember them, no one will know they exist and their souls vanish into mere air. The time limit is 365 Earth Days. A special case in this situation is our protagonist, Nimu. He has amnesia, devoid of any kind of power, and does not even know his target. Will he find his target and beat the deadline? Or will he be kept in the darkness, still devoid of any memories about his past life, and fail his mission? ___________________________________ Some author notes to keep in mind: - involves multiple protagonists in different volumes but the main point-of-view is Nimu. - I'm still new to the web novel format kind of storytelling so, please tell me if I'm doing something wrong :3 - Please give any kind of feedback! - Any kind of support is deeply appreciated.

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