World End: New Era
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World End: New Era skills and magic


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World End: New Era To the distant future in earth, the once populated planet that is booming with technology and innovation turns into a ruins. Monsters and strange beings now reigns the once technological planet. After the great war of humans that bring the almost extinction of human race, the God the absolute being give birth to a new era of magic and skills. The last remaining humans that gain immunity to raidiation now possess incredible powers that can flatten a mountains with just a simple spell. The last 5% of humans received brand new power to fight monsters, and now called high humans a new species that can weild God's Blessing. Skills and magic that can be attained by pure luck or hardwork are bestowed to the high humans. The world changed and give birth to dungeons and monsters. The dying planet that once filled with toxic radiation now changed in a world full of unlimited unknown energy called Mana. The Mana that changes the world is the main reason of the monster's birth it is the new type of energy that strengthen every being in new earth. Kite Una a 12yr old Hunter that was abandoned by his parents with a trash skill Remember will change his fate by challenging the Kings and Monarch's that ruled the land. His heart that is filled with vengeance will create a big wave to the flow of fate.