232 Cause and Effect

Hearing Eloise's proposition, Daneel was impressed that she had managed to identify such a great opportunity.

Indeed, just as she felt, Daneel knew that need was what drove any business or discussion. Hence, this could very well be the perfect way to spread the NOA to the Black Raven Kingdom.

"Kellor, initiate contact with the Black Raven King's point of contact immediately. Explain everything, and also ensure them that the strength of a Black Raven Fighter will definitely be emphasized heavily. Set up a meeting with me if needed. Eloise, well done. Time and time again, you've proven that you are the best one for the job. I am really glad to have you working with me to make my dream come true."

As Daneel said these heartfelt words to Eloise, he saw her blush and hide her face with her hand.

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At the moment, the expression he saw in her eyes reminded him of the one he had seen in Dalia's.

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