178 Aftermath(2)

Indeed, the next phase of Daneel's plan comprised of solidifying Eldra's standing in the hearts of the citizens of the Kingdom of the Elves using the Voice of Eldinor.

In the domain of news, everything was about timing. As the events of the Grand Debate happened too abruptly, the three news organizations had to scramble in order to change the drafts already prepared that extolled about Queen Eldara's resounding victory in the debate.

It was this time period which was used to great effect by Daneel. Newspapers had already been prepared and printed beforehand, making it so that they could be sold on the streets from the moment the Grand Debate ended.

Not all of the families who had lost their children had chosen to attend the debate. Some, like Ellie's mother, hadn't been able to come either due to poor health or due to giving up hope.

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