1 Activating Ten Times the Talent

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"You said that the 'Tablet Opening Fist' costs 100,000 yuan?"

In a cramped little house, an old woman let out a surprised voice.

"Cough, cough, cough." The old man in the house patted his chest and said, "I've asked someone to inquire about it. One of the compulsory martial arts in this year's martial arts exam syllabus is the 'Tablet Opening Fist'."

"If Clive can't learn this secret manual, then don't even think about going to Zhengyang First High School."

"But." The old woman looked around at the shabby furniture in the house. "Even if we sell our house, we probably won't be able to gather this 100,000 yuan."

"I've gone to the bookstore and asked. There's a 30% discount for people with military certificates. We've saved up 50,000 yuan over the years. Together with the 20,000 yuan that my comrades lent me, it's almost enough."

"What about your medicine?"

"Ahem," the old man said, "I haven't recovered from this disease for so many years. It won't take more than a day or two."

While the two old men were discussing, a sound suddenly came from the inner room.

"Clive, what's wrong?" The woman said nervously.

"Nothing, Grandma. I accidentally knocked down the cup just now." Clive's voice came from inside.

After hearing this, the two of them relaxed and continued to discuss the secret manual.

On the door of the inner room, there was a bloody fist print.

There was no trace of pain on Clive's face but a scowl of anger even though there was blood dripping from his fist.

He had transmigrated to this world called Planet Azure for six years.

The original character before he transmigrated had a family of three. They had an accident and all of them died except for Clive, but his body was taken over by the current person that transmigrated over during the accident.

After being discharged from the hospital, he was left with only his grandparents.

During the six years, they had spent together he had also been touched by the love of this old couple.

To Clive now, they were no different from his own family.

Just then, the closed radio suddenly rang.

[Breaking news, just five minutes ago.]

[The Fifth Ring City Circle's Seventh Star City had been breached by the Beast Tide, and now a cold town known as the Wrath of Heaven had been sent to suppress the Beast Tide.]

[Everyone in the Fifth Ring City Circle and the Fourth Ring City Circle, please pay attention to your safety and stay at home if possible.]

[The first thing you should do when you see the escaping fierce beasts is to report. Do not take the initiative to provoke them.]

Hearing this, the old man's face suddenly changed. "My comrade is in the Seventh Star City!"

After saying that, Cornell immediately dialed the number on the other end of the line, only to hear a busy tone.

Oh no! While Cornell was anxious, he immediately stood up and said, "Clive, hurry up and follow me to the bookstore!"

Thirty years ago, the history of Planet Azure was almost exactly the same as that of Earth.

However, after the catastrophe that was known as the Great Cataclysm, everything changed.

First, people discovered that they could cultivate. The world was filled with all kinds of spiritual energy, but this joy did not last long.

The humans discovered that the beast race could also cultivate. Moreover, their innate physique and bloodline advantages allowed them to suppress humans of the same cultivation level.

Fortunately, when the human race was facing a life-and-death crisis, countless human mighty figures stood out. They developed all kinds of cultivation methods. Some enhanced strength, some cultivated special abilities. At the same time, all kinds of ancient martial arts also bloomed with their own colors, they helped the human race survive.

After four years of bitter resistance, the human race abandoned most of their land and sacrificed a large number of people.

Finally, five ring city circles were established, one to five rings.

There were several to more than ten cities on each ring.

Grandpa and grandson, who hurried to the bookstore, saw a long line in the distance.

In the dystopian world, every time there was a Beast Tide attack, there would be a rush to buy martial arts manuals.

Because in this world, the only thing that could be relied on was one's own strength.

Because in this era, martial arts manuals were no longer carried on ordinary paper.

Instead, they needed all kinds of fierce beast blood essence and fur as materials to be made. Moreover, it also required the creator to expend a lot of energy on it. Therefore, each manual was very precious.

Otherwise, in the internet era, any martial arts secret manual could be uploaded to the Internet, so it would be worth nothing at all.

The grandfather and grandson squeezed to the front row with great difficulty, only to see the salesperson standing on the table shouting, "Don't squeeze, don't squeeze! Listen to me!"

"Due to special reasons, all the books in this shop are currently not for sale!"

"What!" The crowd at the door immediately exploded, as if an ice cube had been thrown into a pot of oil.

"Don't worry, let me finish." A sly smile appeared on the salesperson's face. "All the secret manuals of this shop have been changed to the auction mode! The highest bidder will get it!"

"Cheap stuff." A grumpy older brother immediately jumped out from the crowd.

"You guys are making a fortune from the national calamity!"

"I want to report you guys to the higher-ups."

The salesperson's expression changed when he saw this. He shot a look at the two security guards who were as strong as bulls and immediately picked up the grumpy older brother from the crowd and threw him onto the street.

The restless crowd quieted down when they saw this.

A yellow-haired salesperson could not help but think of this excitedly.

The auction of this secret manual was not the store manager's idea. It was a thought that came to him when he saw that everyone had come to buy it.

When he thought about how the store manager had returned and saw that the sales of the store had increased by seven to eight times, he would definitely reward himself heavily when the time came.

Who knows, he might even become the vice store manager!

When he thought about this, the red-faced goldie cleared his throat and said, "In this bullsh*t world, you are nothing without strength or talent!"

"And these secret manuals are the best tools to test whether you have talent or not and can bring you strength. I hope that everyone will not bring money to the grave in the end," the goldie said with a smile.

"You!" Countless buyers could only grit their teeth in silence.

They cursed in their hearts that the yellow-haired guy would be poked in the butt on the way home.

Then, the auction began.

"Iron Fist, when practiced to the mastery stage, can pierce through a five-centimeter-thick steel plate with one punch. The original price is 60,000 yuan. Now, the starting bid is 200,000 yuan!"

"F*ck!" The people in the circle immediately shouted.

"Stinky blondie, you're so black-hearted!" A young man shouted.

"Thank you for the compliment!" The yellow-haired shop assistant smiled and continued to shout, "Anyone bid?"

"No one bid. As long as we don't buy it, he can only sell it at the original price after a while. When we report this matter to the public, we'll definitely teach him a lesson," the young man shouted in the crowd.

After a period of silence, a middle-aged man wearing a work uniform said with an embarrassed expression, "I'm sorry, this 'Broken Iron Fist' is one of the compulsory martial arts for my son in High School."

"I'll bid 200,000!" The man wearing a work uniform said.

"Okay, sold!" The yellow-haired shop assistant said directly.

"That's not right! The auction is going to be rigged!"

"Yeah, even if no one bids, you have to shout three times! How come it's a deal?"

The passers-by shouted one after another.

"Sigh, first come, first served. This is my reward."

The man in work clothes who had received the secret manual lowered his head and ran away.

After this incident, the originally uncoordinated alliance suddenly collapsed, and everyone began to bid.

Seeing this scene, Clive's heart was burning with anger. In his previous life, he had led the resistance against the capitalists and was killed by them secretly.

Now that he saw the lackeys of the capitalists, he could not help but feel a surge of anger.

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded in his mind. The host's fury value had reached 10, activating ten times his talent!

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