1 An Escape To The Future

Thick gray clouds were roaming above our heads, covering the usual bright blue sky, as heavy rain poured down. It was so heavy that it could wash away the thickest of dust and smoke within the span of a couple of seconds. The downpour was not only affecting my ability to see her from where I was, but it was also interrupting her work life.

I shook my head helplessly as I pulled my baseball cap down, and made sure that the hood was securely covering the sides of my face. I rubbed my wet hands together and blew some air on them after bringing them closer to my lips. I was trying to provide them some warmth as the splashes of the cold water had turned them somewhat pale. But whatever was going on with me, my prying eyes never left the silhouette of her figure.

'Should I go and tell her everything right away?' The thought echoed through the folds of my mind. 'But how will she react? What if she doesn't like it? What if she gets offended by it?' I wanted to do it, but I lacked the courage to follow the cries of my heart. It wasn't an easy task.

'I shouldn't.' I shook the thoughts off. There was no point of thinking the same thing over and over again, especially when I knew what the outcome of it would probably be.

It was better for me to keep a close eye on her from a safe distance. The less she knew about my presence around her, the better it was. At least it was better for her that way. I, on the other hand, should focus on keeping the not-so-silent pleas of my heart at a bay. If not, then there were too many things which were going to go down the drain, including our lives.

You must be wondering what I was doing there, lurking in the shadows, keeping an eye on a lady, who was just sitting at the far end of the park under one of the sheds? That lady was not your everyday woman. She was the love of my life, the only girl who had managed to make a home within the four walls of my heart. But the questions still remained. What was I doing spying on her like this?

Let me answer your questions.....