1 Chapter 1: I doubt it

With her dirt blonde hair flowing atop her delicate body, with her long eye lashes started to close as she fell unconscious into the abyss of dark matter.

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Lizzy never really believed in fairytale's, ever since she was a little girl all the way up to when she graduated from High School.

Lizzy was always an ambitious girl, and when her mother died on her 6th birthday, she had completely forgotten all about being a kid or dreaming of her own fantasies, her ambitions of becoming a writer, her will of doing what she liked, or even having an imagination all was taken away along with her mother, every thing just went gray.

whenever her younger cousins came over and started to tell her about their wildest dreams and ambitions, Lizzy would always say her three notorious words, " I doubt it".

She was adopted into her family by her mother, so she always felt endeared to her. Though she often made mistakes, her mother was always patient with her and didn't beat her when she made mistakes unlike all her foster families.

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