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Women empowerment refers to allowing women the power of participation in the decision-making process of all the fields leading to a quality life. 2) Empowerment of women helps them to take their own decision with respect to life and family. 3) Empowering women is the process of making women independent in all aspects of thoughts, rights, decisions, and actions. 4) Women empowerment promotes gender equality in society and adds to the country’s development.5) Women's empowerment is necessary for the growth of family, society, and nation. 6) ‘Right to Equality’ act as per the Indian constitution helps in empowering the women in India. 7) Poverty, illiteracy, and violence against women are a few of the factors acting as a hindrance to the empowerment of women. 8) Women empowerment gives equal opportunities for employment, education and economic development to women. 9) Education plays a major role in empowering women as educated women can make well-informed decisions in life. 10) The Indian government has launched various schemes empowering women like ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’, ‘Ujjawala Scheme’, ‘Mahila Shakti Kendras’ etc.