1 part 1

I stopped that annoying sound of my alarm and woke up apathetically. The time is already eight and I have merely an hour to get ready.

I quickly did my morning business and drank my cold coffee hurriedly which felt like heaven in my taste buds,

I always love to drink cold coffee in the morning,many thought that is weird but I love it.

As I went towards my wardrobe,I got confused to select the dress, as a bit old fashioned girl I have always struggled to find the fool proof dress that makes me look modest enough for my college.

As it is getting late I decided to go with my maroon knee-length skirt and my "BE YOU" t-shirt, I am not too fond of the dress as it shows more of my skin but the other part of me likes being the center of attraction,the perfect dream girl category.

If anyone wondering about me,I am just an ordinary girl who lost her parents in a car accident when I was fifteen and now trying to live my life with my part time jobs and also a girl who loves to fit in the modistic world.

and I'm also quite popular in my college with my easy go attitude and my caked up face,(as no one cares for a real person these days and all they really care is to fit in the perfect lifestyle,the fake one in and out)

I quickly got ready,ate my toast and left wishing that I won't be late.

As I entered my college I saw my close dramatic friend "Larissa" who hugged me while saying "bitch,you're late" to which I quoted "Monday morning sucks"she just rolled her eyes and said "Don't forget about the meeting and it is compulsory for all the girls it seems" making me remember about some meeting that Mrs Smith mentioned "yeah I remember,is it time already come on let's go"saying so I pulled her along with me hurriedly as I saw Nate my boyfriend kissing another girl lips in his locker.

Frankly I didn't feel anything seeing that,I know that he is an asshole who uses women just for his pleasure,but he is also very popular and has that attention tag that made me say yes to him.

But Larrisa hates him too much, according to her he is the"certified douchebag"and they always fight giving me headaches.

We quickly took our places in the hall and soon everyone settled in.Even our staffs and principal took their places.

I saw a women entering the hall in her late 40's,she looked elegent and her eyes had the glow that cannot be seen usually in others,that women quickly got on the stage and all our staffs greeted her ND she returned the gesture and occupied on the only place left.

She scanned the crowd with her eyes which held so much confidence and pride,it's not like she is very beautiful,

Yes,her dressing sense was good and it does look classy but it rarely showed any part of her body.

Our principal took the Mike with his usual rigid posture and said "good morning girls,today we all are gathered here to understand a very important part of being a woman in this modern society."

"The women present here is an active feminist who fights for women's rights with her own belief's. Her name is Mrs.velma Mathew and I want all of you to welcome her with an big round of applause".

That women smiled brightly at all of us and walked towards the mike, while our principal excused himself to take back his seat.

I just sat there dead headed not really caring about anything, Larrisa was posting pictures for her insta,

This concept of posting pictures, getting likes and followers is totally not my thing,I mean what's so special about that other than publishing our personal activities like an open telecast,

And the irony is we value our privacy a bit too much after openly telecasting everything,but I can't blame her as I do the same just to fit in this modistic society.

Meanwhile that feminist started introducing herself in her confident voice,"Good morning girls,I'm velma,and I am one of the many females who fights for women's rights in this dominative world,and thank you girls for spending your time with me today"she smiled looking at us.

Then she continued "I'll not be wasting your precious time and will come straight towards the matter"

Ok firstly"what do you mean by FEMINISM"she asked looking at all of us,

One girl replied"equality of both genders in everything", "ok good",she then asked,"can anyone tell me what is equality in both genders?anyone?"

We stayed quiet.

I took a minute to think" Equality in everything like literally then thoughts of my boyfriend crossed my mind,god I really can't imagine myself to live like my boyfriend," I involuntarily shuddered.

"If anyone wants to ask me,my answer will be No anyone wants to know why?

Some of them raised their hands.

"The first thing I want all of you to understand is that we WOMEN are special,an exclusive individual,we are very different than any other male in the world",

"Ofcourse,we are a special edition"I thought smugly.

"What's so special about us?can anyone say?

One girl replied,"because we are smart, beautiful and a ALL IN ONE pleasurable package"

"No,she replied,"it's where we are going wrong, just because of  being beautiful,smart,accomadating to the life style, looking sexy,make up,doing everything a man does, doesn't make us "Special"

"We are different because we know the difference between the right and wrong even in the most roughest situations and we have that capacity to control our desires than any male in the world,

That pure feelings we hold,our affection,love are so rare to be found anywhere in the world"she said with pride.

Wow,I never thought like this,but what she said is true,as I saw more girls nodding there heads with their new found interest.

"I'm no one to judge the way you live,but say how many of you here is living according their wishes,instead of  living for growing society?"

Everyone stayed quiet.

she continued,"it's your wish to dress the way you want,but are we all dressing the way we really like?"

"No"I said in my mind,even Larrisa agreed but aloud.

"No right,most things we do now a days are just to fit in the category,am I right"?

I saw some girls thinking deeply,while many nodded their heads "think about it,is this life really worthy for just living a fit in category lifestyle?"she asked again.

"Some women love modern dresses while some love traditional dresses,every women is Unique,but are we really living the way we want?"

"This society is silently influencing our strong minds,not everyone,but some girls are really doing everything just to fit in the popular modern society?anyone here does that?"


"I want all of you like diamonds, a very exclusive unique type of diamond,that any boy should beg to even touch your shadow,

Firstly believe that you are special, believe it in your heart,not everyone is worthy of seeing your skin,not every boy is worthy of touching you,a one in million is worthy of getting to touch your body and heart,that's how much precious you are".

"Take pride in having a same boyfriend, fiancee and husband"not everyone is blessed to have that.

"Your heart is pure than any gold even the small things can make us happy,we are soft-hearted but we are equally strong,it makes us who we are UNIQUE"

All I'm saying is never change yourself just to fit in the lifestyle,"Be you",an extraordinary exclusive version of yourself ",there is nothing wrong even if you are tagged as an outcast"

"Yes,we are all in one package,but in a good way,a very special way,we are the exclusive women,never forget that.

"Yes"many shouted while one said "we are the proudest Queens" to which she laughed and agreed yes,we are.

"Always have your own belief's,never feel ashamed to embrace them,just do the right thing,any person should feel special to have you,be special.

"Feminism is Equality,but not in everything,we are more than that,fight for your rights,but "Be you" never change anything about yourself for this modern society" with that she finished her speech saying thank you to everyone of us and how wonderful it felt interacting with us to which she received a huge round of applause from each and everyone present in the hall including our principal.

"She is awesome,this speech is totally an eye opener"Larry whispered next to me,"yeah,seems like we are living our whole life just for others,to just fit in we did so many things, instead of living the way we wanted"I continuously blabbered with my new relevation.

Enough is enough,I am going to live the way I want,dressthe way I like,and I'm going to do what I feel is right and I will not feel ashamed for it.

I'm going to show the real me to the world,the "original version" of being me,with my own belief's and rules.

Yes,I'm a women and I support feminism.

I took one last look of that women who was getting compliments from everyone wishing I could hug her once and left the room with my new found confidence along with my friend who looked like felt the same,

Today she made me feel very special to be a women.....


I am not here to offend any male with this story and is not about any male discrimination,I just want all the females to understand the importance of "being a women" in this short story,

Every women is different unique and I want all to embrace it without any social fears.

This is my first try and feel try to point out my grammar mistakes and my other mistakes too,but please don't criticize.

And please star the orange button if you really like the story it would mean a lot to me.

Thank you....