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In the near future.

Corpses litter the ground. Casualties on both sides, humans and werewolves.

The smell of death fills the air. What was once two enemies now came together to kill a common foe, one that could potentially bring the destruction of the world.

Here I am, in the middle of it all. In the middle of all the carnage that I have caused. This feeling, self satisfaction, this is the moment that I have always been waiting for. Blood, death, destruction.

All of this so I could finally push myself to the limits of my power. They will all know just how strong I am. Soon, they will know what true fear is.

This feeling in my chest. This elation, this is what I always wanted. This is how I dreamed it to be. If they can kill me, my death will be a glorious one.

Carnage, and killing strong opponents. I cant imagine a more befitting death for a strong warrior such as I. A smile comes across my face as I lift my left hand to cover my left eye. I cant help but to start chuckling due to the excitement.

But as my time draws closer to the end, I cant help but feel that something is missing. Something important that I was protecting, one of the reasons why I'm doing this.

Continue to present day.

The house is a mess, pools of blood on the floor spattered blood on the walls and furniture, and a family of four dead.

I prefer not to kill entire families especially children, but my partner has only been a werewolf for a few months now and cant controle his thirst for human flesh yet. Newborns dont discriminate when they kill. When the uncontrollable hunger comes upon them, they are too enamored by the thought of killing and eating that they dont care who their victims are.

That's why when there is a newborn, the on that turned them is responsible for them. Since humans haven't become fully aware of our existence yet, it is imperative that we keep it that way or we risk all of our lives.

Most movies about werewolves depicted in movies especially the older ones get our appearance wrong, except for a few. Like that abomination of what they call wolfman. Real werewolves have the head of a wolf, a humanoid body, hands with claws, feet with fur covering our body and yellow or blue eyes.

The newborn I'm in charge of named Lapu, has blue eyes, white fur with three slightly dark patches of fur. One on his chest and one on his face, the other I assume is covered by his pants.

"Lapu, that's enough. We need to leave." I shout at him while he eats a torn off arm of one of the family members.

"What's the big deal, Fenrir. I'm almost done here." he says.

I really don't care if he is almost done. We are in a small neighborhood in the middle of the night, and thanks to Lapu, we weren't exactly as quiet as we could have been.

I lean up against one of the walls with my hands in my pockets and let out a sigh. This is exactly why I work alone. Ever since I joined the Order, an organization of werewolves that focus on covering up our existance. I have always insisted that I work by myself. But apparently no one else has time to train this newborn about our rules ever since we found him without the wolf that turned him.

Of course abandoning a newborn is against the rules and is punishable by death. It would be part of my job to track down and kill this wolf. But of course I get the boring job of babysitting.

At least they dont give everyone matching uniforms. The only thing we technically need to have are the wolf like metal helmets that are fitted to each individual. They also have detailed features for the nose and breathing holes, as well as metal teath with a lower jaw so they close together; and hinges to connect them along with a spring to push the jaw back up when we close our mouths. With these are entire face is covered and we can still eat without taking them off. The metal teeth also tear through flesh more easily. Each with different colors to represent different ranks.

"So, how are we going to get rid of the bodies this time?" he says.

Last time I made him dig a hole to bury the bodies to teach him a lesson to kill more carefully.

"Gather all the body parts together and I'll set them on fire. It won't get rid of the bodies, but the longer they burn the less evidence they have." I say while I peer out the window.

It takes him about ten minutes to gather the bodies and the individual body parts that were scattered about the house. It reminds me of a child when they leave their toys around the house and the parent makes them clean up the mess.

"I finally get to see you use that fire magic again." he says in an excited tone.

"I told you it's not magic. Magic is just a word people use because they dont understand how things that appear to violate the laws of physics work. It's also the same thing when people say supernatural." I say.

"All right fine, whatever. You ruined the excitement. All I really care about is getting my own powers." he says.

I can tell by the gleam in his eyes that he is lying about not being excited. But then again who wouldn't be when someone can basically creat fire out of mid air. Although I cant throw the fire since the fire is just the byproduct of enhancing my physical attributes. I guess it would still be exciting to see.

I focus on my right hand and flames engulf it. I touch the pile of bodies and it starts on fire. Since I can controle the temperature of the fire I can make it hot enough to set the pile on fire. Of course it will take a while to burn whith all the blood covering the flammable clothes.

As soon as I am satisfied that the fire is large enough, I motion to Lapu that it is time to leave.

We find a safe distance away from the neighborhood deep into the forest and settle down for the night.

"So Fenrir, I keep forgetting to ask about what the Order exactly does." he says.

"I probably should start at the beginning." I say with a long sigh. "The Order was founded thousands of years ago, when a group of first generation werewolves sought to keep order among our species. As well as to keep our existance a secret. There are strict rules that we implement among our brethren, and we make sure that others follow them. As you can imagine it is a rather large organization. Ranks are given out to those who have powers and are based on how strong the individual is. For instance my silver helmet puts me at one of the highest ranks. You could say that they begged me to join because of how strong I was and offered me a high pay grade. They dont except us to work for free, and can pay us well because of the many business that they started other the years."

It's a short version of the story, but I dont feel like too much about the Order since it doesnt really matter. What matters is that he knows the rules. Over this past week of traveling with him, he should already have a decent grasp of the few rules that he needs to follow.

Wolves that work for the Order have a few extra rules that we need to follow, but that's mostly to ensure that we are doing our jobs right. In a day or two I should be done training him, but there is one problem.

Wolves like him who cant controle their bloodlust have difficulty following the rules. Through no fault of their own. If a wolf has an innate lust for blood, then the human that he turns into a wolf will have a similar lust. We would rather not kill our own kind, but if it gets out of hand we have no choice.

That's why we try to limit those who have this lust from turning humans. If it comes down to where humans find out about us, we may not have a choice but to kill all of those who do. To prevent the humans from seeing us as a threat to their existence. Otherwise there will be a bloody war between out species.

Some of the newer generations can blend in with humans, since they have a human form they can transform into. The older generations like me do not have this ability. I can only presume that this is from a long line of crossbreeding with humans, which can sometimes be more favorable than just turning them. It is against the rules to do so, but I think in the end it worked out for our benefit.

"I think its time to rest. We will continue tomarrow." I say.

Lapu nods and yawns as he lays down to sleep. Through many years of being by myself and constantly on on the run from being hunted down by humans. It is easy for me to still be aware of my surroundings even when I'm asleep. Just like some wild animals are able to.

After a few hours I hear some rustling in the brush. As far as I can guess the sound is about thirty yards away. The sun is just coming up from over the horizon, although it is still somewhat dark, but thanks to our wolf ancestors we can see in the dark.

I open my eyes slightly to see what it is. The brush is too thick for me to see that far, and the wind is blowing away from us so I cant smell what is making the sound either.

I scouted the woods before we made camp here, and were no human scents around. So my best guess is that it probably just some kind of animal.

After a few minutes of silence there is a loud crack that ripples through the air like the sound of thunder.

I open my eyes and see that Lapu has been shot in the chest and is crying in pain.

There is a police officer standing behind a tree over ten yards away from us.

"You there, get on the ground" he yells at me.

They probably have other officers scouting the woods after they found the bodies in the burning house. If that's the case I need to make this quick. The gunshot is going to attract more of them, and I dont feel like cleaning up a mess that big.

I enhance my physical abilities just long enough and dash forward. I pull my knife out of its holster and stab him in the jugular, all before he can react.

He falls to the ground holding his neck while coughing out blood. A few seconds later he stops moving.

Good thing I used my knife. My claws would have gave the coroner too many clues.

Lapu is still on the ground lying on his back, now only moaning in pain. We need to get out of here quick, and he is in no condition to move. Only one thing to do then.

"I dont think its that bad. It's already starting to heal." he barely manages to say.

I walk over to him and look at the bullet wound. From what I can see, the bullet hit one of his lungs. Even a human could survive this wound. But it's going to takes a few minutes for it to heal enough where he can even start running.If we didnt have to hide from the humans, I could easily take those cops on in a fight.

"I dont have a choice." I say as I shove my hand through his chest and squeeze his heart.

"What are you..?" he manages to say before the life fades from his eyes.

His body slowly turns into his human form. As all werewolves who have a human form do when they die.

It pains me to kill my own kind like there is a hole in my chest, but it needed to be done. A necessary evil.

Damn, I just realized I need to burn the body now. Sometimes I cant stop my self from killing someone by striking the heart. I guess I got caught up in the moment.

After the deed is done it's time to leave, and as quick as possible. I enhance my physical abilities, and rush through the forest. As long as I just keep my power low enough I should make it back to the Order HQ without stopping. I should also be fast enough so the cops dont see me, or at least they might only see a blur and wonder what it was.

Like all abilities, your energy can run out. Enhancer types are the most at risk since it pushed your body to its physical limit. But lucky for me, my regeneration abilities far exceed that of a normal wolf. Add on to the fact that I've been training my body and pushing it to its limits as far as I can remember. I have trained my whole life to make up for my abilities' main weakness.

A few hours later and I finally reach the main headquarters of the Order. It's on the outskirts of Seattle and looks just like a regular office building except with fewer windows. It blends in well with its surroundings. There are also no cameras near it. No wonder why no one has suspected that a group of the strongest werewolves in the world are hiding right under their noses. It makes the perfect hideout, hiding in plain sight.

Inside the building itself are not offices. Instead, each separate room is a living quarters for those that live here. The higher ranks as well as the wolves that run this place and cater to the higher ranks. But living in a building is foreign to me, so I chose to live In the wild instead.

"You there, your late" says a voice behind me. "We called you last night for an important meeting." she says.

"I'm sorry, I was busy. I keep my phone on silent when I'm out on missions."

"Well next time at least put it on vibrate. I'm new here and it's my job to run this place, and make sure that everyone is here on time. So as you can imagine I take my job very seriously. My name is Kate by the way. But enough with introductions, the rest are waiting for you upstairs."

Without saying a word I head to the meeting room. I walk up the stairs and I notice for the first time since I came here that my legs are sore from running here. It seems I overdid it a little. These past years working for the Order not having time to train as I used to has taken its toll on my body.

As I get closer I can already hear talking coming from the other side of the door.

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