Wolfwife Book

novel - Fantasy Romance



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Her long lost lover returns - as a werewolf, and now she must choose between her humanity and her love. Darana is a young woman whose hopes have been crushed by the disappearance of her lover, Gunron. At the edge of a sentient forest, she climbs up on a hill every night to sing and play her guitar to the moon. When Gunron, who has been declared dead already, returns to her in a monstrous form, she meets a whole tribe of werewolves who have formed an alliance with the forest to avenge the desecration of a holy place by the villagers. She is shocked by the brutal ways of the wolfmen, and as she runs deeper into the forest in her panic, she discovers a hidden temple. In the temple, she finds out her true identity as a MOON MISTRESS who can turn the tide of the war between man and forest to the side of her choosing. Gunron has suffered from his exile greatly. He hardly even knows how to look people in the eyes anymore, but inside, he's still the same sweet, strong man. He is not glad to find out that a hunter has been courting Darana during his years in the forest. The trees creep closer to the village every second. If Darana fails to protect the boundaries of the village, she will lose the woman who taught her the softest of lullabies - her mother. She will lose her friends, her stable life and her chance to marry a real human being...but she is not sure about her own wants any longer. The musk on Gunron's skin is different now, stronger, and his voice carries a certain melody that is as irresistible as the whisper of the western winds under the full moon. Darana is faced with an impossible choice. She must abandon her core values and dive deep into her lunar powers while discovering what it means to be a WOLFWIFE. No raunchy stuff. Mostly cutesy stuff, fluff, you know.


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