1 Intro

Hi I'm kira the author this was written on Wattpad and now It's on her

The main character is Selene you get to find out about her life after rejection and the choices she makes! You learn all the love and heartbreak that can happen through rejection.

You need to know what these are

Mate - a person who loves you no matter what, you can find them through touch, smell, sight

Blue moon- where Selene is raised and where she comes from she is the alphas daughter

This is also where her problems begin

Blue shadow- a not very nice place where Selene's first mate is from. Due to the pack not been a very nice pack the pack do not really have rouges as they know they will be killed there and then

Red moon- blue moons rival because the alpha ( Selene's father) refuses to marry His daughter off to his son as his son is already mated to another female

Rouge- a wolf with no pack. This happens when the wold has either ran away and has never found a pack or when the wold was banished or exciled by the alpha

Alpha- A wolf that controls a pack by the side of his Luna

Luna- often the Alphas mate also known as alpha female but mostly refered to as Luna

Beta- the person who can train the pack and helps the Alpha whem they find there mate they are called female Beta and she helps the Luna. He takes the place as Alpha when hes out of the teritory

Female Beta- She helps the beta and the female alpha or also known as Luna she tends to be the Lunas Best friend. Takes the place as Luna when she is out of the teritory

Gamma- third in commands takes the place as beta when he has to leave the terirtory.

Gamma female- takes the place as betta female when she has to leave the teeitory gamma female is the thrid in commands mate

It's vital that you remember these

Love kira x

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