Wolf you Up ! (BL) Book

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Wolf you Up ! (BL)


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[OMEGAVERSE - WEREWOLF - R18] What happens when an unusually strong omega meets a strangely weak alpha? Eden is the son of the most powerful and courageous alpha in the history of Bloodhood pack, Silver. He has the intelligence, speed, and charisma of a leader, but there it is! Eden is an omega. As tradition requires, only an alpha can lead the pack. One night, Eden meets his fate mate, Glen. He is the first son of Red Creek's alpha and a mysteriously weak werewolf. But that was before a magic system appears and uncovers a dark and deadly secret. Will Eden succeed to wolf his mate up before their enemies bare their claws? [TW: Gore, Blood, Violence, Strong language] The sequel of this book is ongoing. Check the link in my profile for additional information. ART BY ME, JUSTL89. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. DO NOT USE/EDIT MY COVER. ACTION - MAGIC - WEREWOLVES - WEAK TO STRONG