1 Chapter 1

I awake from the sound of howling. I yawn slowly and look over to my brother. I tap him on his head and he stops howling. "Sister, why did you do that?" He asks pouting and rubbing his head. "You woke me up from a great dream!" I shout at him. "Kids, What did I say about fighting in the morning?" Mother says strolling in. "Not to fight." We both say looking at our mother sitting next to us. "Now, your sister is at the age where she will hunt and needs more sleep." Mother says nodding at me. I smile all smug and sit tall. "Oh, whatever! Father says all wolf pups can hunt!" Brother says standing up and in a play position. I roll my eyes seeing him like that. "Well, your sister can hunt bigger animals now." Mother says still sitting and in control of her actions. I could tell she seemed upset father had told Brother that. "Scarlet, You need to know it's important to sleep before hunting." Mother says turning to me. I nod and watch as brother sits back down and pouts quietly. Mother of course, Quietly stands up and I follow her into the back of our cave. Into the woods we shall go.

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