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Wolf in MHA


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Somebody dies and gets reincarnated into MHA + some wishes, you know the drill. His new name is Hokkyoku Kaen or, for those that don't want to get out a translator, Arctic Flame. I know, I know, very original moving on. His quirk gets explained in the first chapter, so I'm not doing it here but, here's a hint it has to do with the title and his name. It's only going to be Momo for a love interest because good harems are hard to write. No system for the same reason. Lemon = maybe, I'll decide later. I should also say for continuity's sake, I do not own MHA, its characters, or the cover image. I don't own any of the characters I cameo in, I will try to point them out as best i can though. Don't get your hopes up for this as I'm relatively new to it all. I've just got a couple of interesting ideas that I hope I can put into words. I write where inspiration takes me, and when, so don't expect regular updates please. Not even I know where this is going so let's go on a journey together.


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